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Since I reformated a HP 8560w to Windows 8, I am unable to play music from my iPhone to my laptop. With Windows 7, as soon as I connected my phone to my laptop using bluetooth, I could stream the music directly on my laptop speakers.

With Windows 8, I also have a successful bluetooth connection with my iPhone ("connected") but sounds are not transferred to my laptop.

All drivers installed correctly in Windows 8 Device Manager, phone connected, but sound stays on iPhone. iPhone has latest IOS.

Has anyone seen this and fixed it?


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hench01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When I connect my iPhone to my w8 PC a small player launch in the system tray. This is probably something that came with the driver/software package for my BT card.

Did you only downloaded the drivers for the Bluetooth card, or did it also installed any type of software?
If I look in the "programs and features" I have a "Thinkpad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate software" application installed.
benjilafouineAuthor Commented:
I have no app. Maybe I am missing some software. I have a Broadcom 2070 BT card in my HP. Checked on the HP site for my model but it is not clear.
benjilafouineAuthor Commented:
I am checking this: http://www.broadcom.com/support/bluetooth/update.php

I will report back soon.
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benjilafouineAuthor Commented:
You got it. I had the driver but not the app. I found the app on the Broadcom site (not HP). Thanks.

Now go and stream your ears off ;)
benjilafouineAuthor Commented:
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
I too have an HP 8560W and now can stream music through my laptop from my iPhone, which I didn't know I could do and probably won't use, but you never know!

Thanks for asking the question.

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