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Posted on 2013-01-15
Last Modified: 2013-01-29
so I have the following command that works at the command prompt
sqlite3 mydb.db < udpate.txt


sqlite3 mydb.db < reset.txt

because I have to do this often for testing I want to batch these commands.

When I do the command line interpreter reads the < as a less than sign and puts a 0 infront.  So my actual script file appears now as:
sqlite3 mydb.db 0< udpate.txt

Anyone know how to have this interpreted correctly?

Question by:bschiel
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You could try escaping the less-than sign with three carets -

sqlite3 mydb.db ^^^< udpate.txt
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The redirect arrow (<) is a common DOS method. I've been writing DOS batch files for over 20 years, and I've never seen that behavior. Are you sure it's not your text editor adding that extra character? Can you remove the extra character in your text editor? Try these ideas:

From a DOS prompt, type the contents of your batch file to the screen:
type your_batch.bat

Open in new window

Is the character displayed on the screen?

If you have echo off or @echo off at the top of your script, comment it out with REM, then try again. The script will echo each command on the screen. Is the extra character still there?

If you still can't get rid of the extra character, attach your batch script to your reply.

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I rewrote the batch file using copy con and get the same results.  

I will try the ^^^ route in the morning and report back.
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The 0< is just how the command interpretter expands the < redirection symbol. There are a number of special handles that can be used, as referenced here:

In your batch file though, you can put the same thing you are typing at a command prompt that is working, as in below, there should be no need to do anything more than that.

@echo off
sqlite3 mydb.db < reset.txt

Open in new window

Of course this assumes that reset.txt is in the current directory when the BAT file runs, so if that isn't the case then you may want to add a PUSHD or CD to the BAT script, or fully qualify the file name(s) it uses.

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Nice reference, Bill, I bookmarked that.

My point is that although 0 represents keyboard input, there is no automated process that replaces < with 0<, thereby breaking redirection.

After rereading the OP, it looks like the 0 is part of the script:
So my actual script file appears now as:
sqlite3 mydb.db 0< udpate.txt

If so, just delete the 0, save the script, then rerun it.

If that doesn't fix it, please attach screenshots of the problem. Include the following screenshots:
1) The script itself, opened in Notepad
2) The "type" command that displays the script in the console
3) The command prompt where you run the script so we can see the results and/or errors


Author Comment

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So it turns out that the sqlite program solves this issue for me.  Just found out there is a switch on the exe that solves this problem.  sqlite3 -echo will use the stdout to display the commands feed to it.  So now I see exactly what I want to see and can verify what I am feeding my DB when i combine it with the @echo off.

Thanks all.

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