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I need to redirect a website - and just the website, not the emails - to a different server.
Registrar is Network Solutions and I am looking at the advanced dns settings panel right now:
If I remember right, I just have to edit these A Records, which currently read:

www             7200                 (some IP adress)
@ (None)       7200       (the same some IP adress)
* (All Others)       7200       none
mail       7200       (some close by IP adress)

If I remember right, I do not touch the CNAME, which reads       3600


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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Correct, just the A records for www and @.

You should also have a MX record for "" which seem that it should be set to "".

Then entry should be for Outlook anywhere or email clients that support using outlook anywhere.
SumukhaAuthor Commented:
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