Wireless network with Windows server 2012

I am setting up a network and for the first time I want to allow wireless access to the server (printers, share files etc.) as well as wired connections. To do this I will need to have the router on the same IP path is that right?

for example if my server IP address is the address for the wireless router would have to be something like yeah?

probably a stupid question but all help will be greatly appreciated.
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As I mentioned above, it needs to be on the same subnet. It's like with any LAN, it has nothing to do with it being wireless or not. In your above example they are on the same subnet.
IP address represents a network interface. Each network interface of each device should have a different IP. In same machine if you are enabling wired and wireless interfaces then both interfaces should have distinct IPs.
I hope you understood it.
ezekuelAuthor Commented:
I know they need unique ip addresses but my question was would the router need to be on the same line as the server?

I.e. 192.168.40.xxx

So if my servers up is my would need to be or something else right?
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As far as I know there is no limitation like that. We do something like that for the convention which will make easier to use. You may use either static routing or dynamic routing. either way it is not needed to be as you mentioned. If there is a reachable IP it will work.
But for better convention use same prefixes inside same network because they represents the network.
You probably don't need a router for this, but rather an Access Point (or if it is a Router, you should get one that you can change the mode to Access point mode). An Access Point is connected to your LAN via a wired connection, and it has it's own static IP on that LAN, so you can connect to it and configure it. The IP of course needs to be in the same subnet as the rest of the LAN. Usually it's Wireless IP should also be static and in the same subnet.

Another configuration would be if your internet router includes wireless LAN (many do). Then there isn't much to do except in it's configuration make sure that if there is a "private" or similar setting, to turn that off. That setting doesn't allow wireless clients to see the rest of the LAN. They can only see the internet. This is often what you need when you want to provide a public "Hot-Spot", for example in a cafe, or hotel.
ezekuelAuthor Commented:
This is the closest I have had to answering my question thank you, but I still hasn't so ill try to spell it out as much as I can.

If my server, as in my windows 2012 servers IP address is does my modem/router have to have an IP address of 192.168.40.xxx for people to be able to see the network? Or does it not matter?
ezekuelAuthor Commented:
Thanks mate very appreciative
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