domain matching to specific page in wordpress for SEO

Hi all,

we have some location specific domain which a client wants to map to specific pages on a wordpress installation;

so for example the main site domain is

they also have numerous domains e.g.,

They would like to map to a specific page in the wordpress installation and to map to another domain.

The other option would be to use the same site but substitue in specifc areas dependant upon the location? an example of this is where it is using the subdomain to change areas of the text.

What would the best way to approach this be?

What is the opinion of still using exact domain matching with a site is google now penalising with their new algorithm?
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COBOLdinosaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Google looks for natural links and gives them more weight. By natural it means right in the context of the text so if I want to promote telephones in Houston, I would want that phrase to be a natural part of a text about telephones where Houston is not out of context.

I have read a couple of blog post that suggest Google is actually monitoring how site are being changed in response to changes of ranking to and then punishing sites that seem to be trying game the search by changing content to mask keyword  loading.

The most important element in the new way Google is doing things is now social networking links, rather than authoritative links and keywords.  There have been some pretty radical changes in the makeup of the SERPs because Google's share was slipping a little to engines like DuckDuckGo where the user perception is that results are more rellevant.

Here is an article from my site that was written by a non-professional with a user perspective on search results.

I have seen similar views and Google has cracked down because search share equals ad revenue.  The lack of result diversity has moved Google to now apply more weight to deep-in-the-site text to determine ranking. Part of the smackdown that EE got was because of user complaints about how many EE pages came up on page one, not just the questionable SEO they were doing.

The question is a bit rambling, but if what you are asking is what happens if you duplicate pages on multiple site... simple panda and penquin squash you on Google.  They have just about zero tolerance for duplicate content, and if the quality is low even worse.

If that is not what you are asking perhaps a more concise question would help to get some response.

flynnyAuthor Commented:
Ok so what would you recommend we do with the location specific domains?
Are they worth keeping? Or should we release them, although I know exact domain matching relevance has been reduced, is there no benefit whatsoever of having the domains at all?

We would not be necessary duplicating the content on the site, these would simply be seperate landing pages rewritten and geared towards each keyword in the url. we would then be targeting the <location> <keyword> searches in google.

Would it be possible (And worthwhille) then to create a seperate page in the wordpress installation and point each url to this page? What are your thoughts please?

many thanks for the input and sorry for rambling.
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we would then be targeting the <location> <keyword> searches in google.

That is one of the things that Google is trying to kill. They basically are moving in the direction of reducing page rank for anything that looks like an artificial routing scheme based on keywording that does not directly relate to actual content.  So the landing pages might get downgraded to 0 or 1 PR and the rest of the site content downgraded as well.

Landing pages that are written to support keyword searches instead of describing site content are going to get pretty beaten up based on how Google is applying penguin and panda.

flynnyAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

so how will google be ranking relevant local links, obviously we dont want to spam the pages with the location keyword? What would be the best way of targeting this type of search?

Is it worth keeping said domains we have?
flynnyAuthor Commented:
Hi Cd&,

Many thanks for this advise. My plan is as follows (could you let me know any pit falls i would appreciate it);

1. Create seperate site on a Wordpress Multisite installation for each location specific domain.
2. Each location specific domain would have a 3 page site with specific text for the domain (so landing page, secondary service page and contact page).
3. Each loocation specific site pag would have back links to the main site (not sure about this area??).

What do you think?
I think as long as the content of the sites does not duplicate, and you keep the link natural and embedded they will be fine.  Whether or not you get rank juice will depend on the quality of the content.  A three page site is small, and to carry any weight the content will need to be very good.  You also want to make the site absolutely compliant to W3C standards.  That makes the spiders happy and give you a bit of a bonus for technical quality.  Accessibility, and semantically correct tagging is a place where a lot of SEO fails and it gives you an edge over poorly coded sites.

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