bmp software - os query


i wish to configure a standard group policy so that when an adminstrator logs on or a number xp desktop user to their own desktop.  i wish to have a (.bmp) image showing on the desktop so that they see it when they all logon.

qns1. can anyone tell me what type of software i could install on my windows 2003 server or xp desktop so that both machines recognise this (.bmp) or animated image ?

note:  the reason i ask for (.bmp) software is because the group policy states it should be a (.bmp) file!!  although it does also state it is for (ie6) users but not sure as ive also installed my (gpmc) if this will also allow the updated ie's!!
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flubbsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can simply use Microsoft Paint to either create or convert an image if it is one of the typical file types. If it is a .jpg, you can load it into Paint, then save it as a .bmp.

Paint is found under All Programs>Accessories. It is in all versions of windows.
Confused.... could you be a bit clearer on the question pls?
mikey250Author Commented:
hi, im setting up group policies and have some instructions of how to setup some customizations, such as adding specific 'urls' to the favourites & and the homepage set to a companies specific website etc.

there is also some instructions on how to change microsoft image a person sees in the top right corner of a web browser and my instructions say i can add a bitmap image, so i wanted to know what software i can use to create a bitmap image so that i can try this ?

i have a few images of my own which i changed to (.bmp), but when linking to this image it stated it maybe corrupt or something, so i obviously need some software on my windows 2003 server to allow this through my gpo.
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mikey250Author Commented:
hi i realise there is a file extension for (bitmap) in windows 2003 by default.

i wish to create a bitmap image so that i can add on my win 2003 server and link via my gpo to all other users, but not sure which software to use, or maybe something to convert from one format to another such as a bitmap image.!!
mikey250Author Commented:
hi flubbster, yes ive been doing exactly what you said but the only sizes that seem to work, but have no resolution either can only be saved via 'paint' in:

- 16 bit
- 24 bit
- 256 bit

the gpo specific sizes have to be:

- 22 x 22
- 38 x 38

if not when i try to save, the gpo states basically wrong size.

qns1.  any suggestions ?
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
It is not as easy as you may think.  covers icon's but its the same principle
mikey250Author Commented:
hi ve3ofa, yes i know. ive been looking at the link to see where i edit & change a picture/animation size to specifically recommended & only excepted in windows 2003 for:

- 22 by 22
- 38 by 38

& i have now download: gif movie gear


im now reading through the 'step by step tutorial' & there is a lot to read!!!

the only thing that im not convinced about is that once i create a 22 by 22 or 38 by 38 size (.bmp or animation.bmp type), will i be able to copy it to my windows 2003 & it stop in the size specified, as the default sizes are 8 bit, 16 bit & 256 bit.!!!! ?

we shall see & thanks!!
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
8x8 is 8 pixels square, 22 x 22 is 22 pixels square ....
here is an online icon editor
mikey250Author Commented:
ok, thanks for that link!!
mikey250Author Commented:
Advice appreciated!!
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