SQL> @dba_tablespaces;
SP2-0310: unable to open file "dba_tablespaces.sql"

The expected output is like this format..

--------- ------------------ ------------ ---------- --------- ----------------- ----------------- ---------
ONLINE    UNDOTBS1           UNDO         LOCAL      MANUAL        1,073,741,824         9,109,504         1
ONLINE    SYSAUX             PERMANENT    LOCAL      AUTO          1,073,741,824       545,062,912        51
ONLINE    USERS              PERMANENT    LOCAL      AUTO          1,073,741,824       133,365,760        12
ONLINE    SYSTEM             PERMANENT    LOCAL      MANUAL        1,073,741,824       525,991,936        49
ONLINE    EXAMPLE            PERMANENT    LOCAL      AUTO          1,073,741,824        63,045,632         6
ONLINE    UNDOTBS2           UNDO         LOCAL      MANUAL        1,073,741,824        11,927,552         1
ONLINE    TEMP               TEMPORARY    LOCAL      MANUAL        1,073,741,824        28,311,552         3
                                                               ----------------- ----------------- ---------
avg                                                                                                       18
sum                                                                7,516,192,768     1,316,814,848

7 rows selected.
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DavidConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
A sys-privileged user may execute from a command prompt, SELECT * FROM sys.dba_tablespaces; to see output (without totals).  

If you exit out of your sqlplus session, what directory are you in?
you need to include the path to your script  or start sqlplus from within the same directory where the script is located

assuming you execute it, does it produce the correct results?

if not, why not? what is the query in your script?
DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
I recommend you fully specify the path for the SQL file.  It apparently is not in the directory from which you started your SQLPLUS session.
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walkerdbaAuthor Commented:
seriously  I do not know the script for that out put....

I thought that inbuilt..

how to create script for that..
what are the numeric values supposed to be?

are those extents? bytes? data files?

how did you get that output if you don't know where to find the script?
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I'm not an expert in SQL Server, but this syntax "@dba_tablespaces;" looks to me like examples I have seen of SQL Server syntax.  Are you possibly familiar with SQL Server but new to Oracle?  If yes, be aware that these two database systems are very different!  Yes, they are both "SQL compliant" and they both store data in tables that contain rows and columns.  But, that is about the limit of their similarities.

There have been a number of postings in this forum over the years highlighting some of their major differences.
walkerdbaAuthor Commented:
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