FREE Centralized task planner


I'm looking some free centralized task planner application. It would be great to be accessible via browser.

I would like to be able to manage fields like:

* Name
* Task Name
* Inserted date
* Priority

Or something equivalent.

Do you know one?

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Levi GwynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a lot of open source project management apps but not too sure if there are any free ones that are worth much.  Google "open source project management apps" and you get tons of results - most are paid though.
Levi GwynCommented:
SharePoint 2010 Foundation has a built-in project task template that does just what you're asking.  We use it quite a bit.  Foundations is free - does need a server to run on though.
g0allAuthor Commented:
Thank you, robcambra. For this solution I guess I would have to have at least one Microsoft Windows licence.

Do I have some other options, like something Linux based, maybe open source?
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Michael WorshamConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Nice little site with a gathering of Open Source PM applications...
Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor SD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
For a simple task list, google tasks is great. Haven't tried in in a multi user environment, but I found this:
Ryan McCauleyConnect With a Mentor Data and Analytics ManagerCommented:
It doesn't look like you need anything complex - PM software is probably going to be overkill in your case. I'd recommend something as simple as a centralized spreadsheet where you keeps tasks lists, and have people update things in one place (Google docs or Dropbox would make it easily accessible for anywhere, via a web link).
g0allAuthor Commented:
What I need is something centralized, free, that can be installed on LINUX, and accessible via HTTP, using a browser.

I'd like to be able to assign tasks to different persons, check status for that tasks, and so on. Eventually generate reports if it's possible, check tasks on a calendar.

I'd like to have my own server, don't like to use Google or Dropbox or anything hosted on third party server.

@robcambra - you pointed me right, I've found RedMine that seems to be somehow what I need.

@aarontomosky - Thank you, but I would like to have my own hosted server.

@mwecomputers - Thank you, something to consider.

@ ryanmccauley - Thank you, however spreadsheet is out of the question in this situation. I would need a dedicated app for tasks management.
Ryan McCauleyData and Analytics ManagerCommented:
I know I might be diverging a bit from your requirements, but why not use a hosted third-party solution, even if you have to pay a little bit for it? Maybe you're opposed to a hosted solution and that's non-negotiable, but I'd encourage you to be flexible.

You're talking about something you could host internally, on your own server, and deploy and manage with a resource you already have, but for the kinds of solutions you're talking about (hosted elsewhere), you're looking at $250-$300/year in costs (for Basecamp, for example). For that price, which is less than a server admin makes in a single day, you could have something hosted, managed, and automatically upgraded for you, without any effort from your IT resources (who have lots to do already, I'm sure). If they're going to spend even a significant portion of a single day deploying this task manager you're looking for (which, for free, will come with community help they'll have to sort through themselves), not to mention the ongoing maintenance, you're better off with a commercial product. Also, the network of the hosted provider is bound to be more reliable than your own - nothing personal there, but they focus on that all day long and you've got other things to do.

Just my perspective - a free, local solution may fit your needs for some reason (maybe you're a one-person shop and have no money - that's fine - but even so, $300 isn't much), but given the price ranges at play here, I'd encourage you to reconsider the type of solution you're looking for and make sure you're working to address your actual business/project requirements as well.
Levi GwynCommented:
Keep us posted on RedMine or any other app you try out.  I'm very interested in this.
g0allAuthor Commented:
@ryanmccauley I appreciate your advice -  however I don't have to pay anyone as I can handle that on Linux and I have resources to host it on my own cloud.
Ryan McCauleyData and Analytics ManagerCommented:
Fair enough - just wanted to put it out there. RedMine looks pretty promising - I'm interested to hear how it goes as well. Good luck with whatever solution you decide meets your needs.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I've used eventum and it was nice. Super easy to setup and manage
ZberteocConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I thonk this might help:

or even better:

There are few that you could use. The nice thing is that everything free and is prepared for you, including the operating system, you only need to follow the instructions.
g0allAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys!
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