Ho to change a region based on the location in javascript

Hi Experts,
I have a User form in which the user must enter his location.
Example : The location is "San Francisco"..

I have another form "LOCATION" .In this form, it has a field called region.The region field is a select box with "west America" ,"East America" ,"Europw" etc... and the user have saved
"West America"..

I have a main form which must show the region as "West America" based upon the location.
Please help.
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I dunno...
three form on the same page?
could you post html/tags of the fields and forms? thanks
dvcphpAuthor Commented:
Actually ,this has to be done in service-now. The scripting is similar to js.
Do we have support for service-now related topics too in experts-exchange?
Please let me know.
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