SSAS Aggregation for grand total


I've  a CUBE which got many measurs. Some of measure I dont want to aggregate up. for example: Customers count by monthly should not aggregate grand total.
besically it should shows 2013 values, at the moment, the grand total is 8,437,286.00.

2012Q1           945,048.00
2012Q2           984,043.00
2012Q3        1,011,270.00
2012Q4        1,592,772.00
2013           335,174.00

Grand Total 8,437,286.00

any help

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thatmsftbuguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the you Time/Calendar Dimension properties. The type properties must be set to "Time" for a semi-additive dimension to work properly.
I would Change the measure aggregate Function to one of the semi additive Measures. ("LastChild" or "LastNonEmpty") This will prevent  the measure from adding across the time dimension but it will add across all other dimensions.  I think this is ther functionality you are looking for. This can be done in the properties of the measure.
keplanAuthor Commented:
after I change the property, I'm getting the error message: Semi-Aditive measure require a time dimension.

in my measure group I have all the measures.
keplanAuthor Commented:
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