3g data card route to wi - fi

hi sir

 i am using windows 7 and installed 3g usb huawei data card for internet connection  at my laptop. i have another laptop at my home. i want to connect internet via wi-fi on both laptop, without any external hardware.
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Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't see a screen shot. I usually use the Insert Image command on the toolbar instead of Attach File at the bottom, because EE doesn't make it clear the Attach button still needs to be clicked AGAIN -- after selecting the file -- to actually upload the file. The Insert Image tool requires clicking the Embed (or Cancel) button to get rid of the dialog, so that's a little more foolproof... and you can put the embedded image where you want in the message by moving the code, which by default appears at the beginning of the message when you insert it.

As to ICS not working, what IP address is the other laptop getting on its Wireless Network Connection when it connects to your ad hoc network?
The quickest way to see it is, on the other laptop click the wireless icon in the 'tray' so the 'Currently connected to' menu pops up, right-click the 3G-Share network (or whatever you named it) and choose Status, then look on the Details tab or click the Details... button.  If their wireless adapter has an address in the 192.168.137.xxx range, the next step is try disabling their firewall. You should not have to disable the firewall on the laptop with the 3G adapter unless you're not using the windows firewall... when ICS is enabled on the Sharing tab, it automatically opens the ports it needs in the windows firewall, but it could not possibly know how to alter all different firewalls out there... if you're running a 3rd-party firewall you need to consult its documentation to make openings in it for Internet Connection Sharing to work.

Be aware that some 3rd-party connection managers issued by wireless companies disable all other network adapters in your computer while the 3G adapter is connected to the cell tower. In that case, it's still possible to make most of them work with Dial Up Networking (Internet Options, on the Connections tab), as long as that blockage isn't occurring at the driver level.
You may turn your Windows7 PC into a WiFi hotspot. After this, you may connect to internet on other laptops, smart phones, etc using this WiFi connection. Check a simple video here:
In the 3G wireless adapter's Properties, enable Internet Connection Sharing on the Sharing tab, and choose the Wireless Network Connection from the picklist of all other network adapters (if the WiFi adapter is the only other network adapter, there won't be a picklist).
e.g.Enable ICS on 3G adapter
Then in Network and Sharing Center, click Manage wireless networks. In that dialog click Add, choose Create an ad hoc network, read the notice and click Next.
Give it a Network name... that will be the SSID the other laptop will connect to.
Say, 3G-Share
I recommend the default WPA2-Personal Security.
For an easy-to-remember key you can use your phone number (at least 8 digits).
Check the Save this network box and click Next.
At this point, the ICS setup will change the TCP/IP v4 protocol to use the IP address, and the ICS DHCP server will hand out addresses in that range.

So have the other laptop connect to the adhoc network (3G-Share was the example I gave, but whatever you made it), and they should be able to get to the internet through your 3G adapter now.
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kkgg12Author Commented:

this video is only for wi-fi to wi-fi connection, but my question is if i have connected internet by usb data card in my laptop (usb stick) not with wi fi then how to run internet at other laptop

please find below link ,  i am about this technology


i want my usb data card route at wi - fi adapter after that i can run internet my another laptop without any additional hardware
Oh... Here are a couple ways to get to Network Connections, as shown in the screen grab...
From the Network and Sharing Center, click Change adapter settings on the left.
Or, click the 'start' orb, type in ncpa.cpl and hit Enter.
kkgg12Author Commented:
ok wait

i am going to configure and give the result
kkgg12Author Commented:

I have done all the configuration you have given but wifi connection show status : No network access ..

and screen shot is attach here with
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