How to root my Internet Connection of Ethernet to my Wifi ?

I am using internet connection on my laptop through lan. Now i want 2 transfer that net connection over my wifi of laptop. Is there any way i can do that ? My OS version is Win 7 Home Premium.
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TomRScottConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I understand you correctly, you want to make use your laptop as a WiFi hotspot to provide other computers or devices Internet access.

If that is the case, following is a link to an app ("Connectify") that works on Win 7 home and above:
Following is a tutorial on how to set it up by How-to-Geek:
And a competing product:
I have used neither. However, I have used other recommendations from How-to-Geek in the past and most were pretty effective with none being malware.

There are other products available as well.  A good search string is "laptop hotspot".

 - Tom
What model router do you have ?
Was it provided by your Internet provider
Is it wireless capable ?
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
You'll indeed need some equipment that provides the wifi access. If your internet modem/router is wifi capable you can set it up there. Otherwise you'll need to get hold of a wifi access point that you can plug in to your wired network.
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kkgg12Author Commented:
Dear Team,

Please find the attachment of snap shot..

problem is still same and net not share another computer/laptop/Ipad..

kindly give me the solution ASAP..
Again what model is your internet router

Did the Service provider provide it ?

Do you know if it is wireless capable

( The screenshot suggests you have a connection to more than one network)
Click the 'start' orb, type in ncpa.cpl and hit Enter.
Right-click on the Local Area Connection and choose Properties.
enable Internet Connection Sharing on the Sharing tab, and choose the Wireless Network Connection from the picklist of all other network adapters.If the WiFi adapter is the only other network adapter, there won't be a picklist, and the WiFi adapter will be chosen by default.
Click OK, and at this point, the ICS setup will configure the TCP/IP v4 protocol on your Wireless Network Connection adapter to use the static IP address, and the ICS DHCP server to hand out addresses in that range. Any time you want to use that WiFi adapter to connect to another network (e.g. starbucks, the library, school, et al), you'll need to set that back to use DHCP (which will essentially disable ICS).

Then in Network and Sharing Center, click Manage wireless networks on the left.
In the Manage wireless networks dialog, click Add on the command bar, choose Create an ad hoc network, read the notice and click Next.
Give it a Network name... (that will be the SSID the other computer[s] will connect to), say, AdHocShare
I recommend the default WPA2-Personal Security.
For an easy-to-remember key you can use your phone number (or anything at least 8 characters... if it's a wireless connection you'll be using all the time, make it a 10+ character complex passphrase using mixed case letters, symbols like #$%, and numbers).
Check the Save this network box and click Next.
So now have the other computer connect to the adhoc network (AdHocShare was the example I gave, but whatever you made it), they should be prompted for the WPA2-personal password, then after connecting is complete they should be able to get to the internet through your LAN adapter.
DAR247 - All good stuff for internet connection sharing but it appears the questioner is not asking for that. They just want to use wifi as opposed to a cable

see Posted on 2013-01-17 at 09:41:30ID: 38786308
Read the thread again, cpcomputes.
In the original post they say,
"I am using internet connection on my laptop through lan."

in their first reply to suggested solutions kkgg12 clarifies,
"problem is still same and net not share another computer/laptop/Ipad.."
Hi Darr247

I think it depends on how you interpet it  - Yourself and TomRscott that it is about internet connection sharing

I meant no offence which is why I said "appears" (erniebeek obviously looked at it in the same way as i did)

What i was trying to get back from the questioner was exactly what he is trying to achieve here but as yet he has not realy given any basic info?

Lets see how it develops (one way or another I am sure we can sort it)
kkgg12Author Commented:

Now its working
Excellent. Which way did you go?

 - Tom
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