Software wont run in c:\****** when logged onto domain

We have some software Window designing. ones you look through. Recently has stopped working. It runs in c:\**** . It has given a permissions error and doesnt fire up. When logged on as SBSadmin or as a local user it will work? I have checked the GPO's and cant see anything. Also tried runiing in the documents directory and in program files directory and it wont work. If apply all permission to authenticated users to the local PC to that directory, it will work untill a reboot.

good one eh

GPO's or by design or crappy software
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Definitely sounds like an access control/permissions issue.  Can you clarify OS of system that you're running it on (Win7, XP, SBS2003)?
techies123Author Commented:
sbs2008 and win7
So it doesn't work if you try to run it on either system or just the Win 7?  Do you have any systems that it is running fine on?

What changed recently?  Any new GPO settings?
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techies123Author Commented:
windows update on server 9th. it will run directly oin the server itself bt very slooowwww
no gpos changes
Is the application installed locally?  Meaning, when you launch it at the Windows 7 (non-server) machine, is it launching something installed locally on that machine?  And is there some database dependency on the server for the app to work properly?
techies123Author Commented:
yes exe files local. files on server for 8 users. it can run locally but needs files on server so all users can share data
no services on the server
If you right-click the icon for the app (at the Windows 7 machine) and choose Run as Administrator, what happens?
techies123Author Commented:
will try that ta
techies123Author Commented:
No didnt work. Software will only run as sbsadmin. What policies does the server apply that could cause this?
You state in your original post that if you logon or run (not sure which) as a local user on the workstation (which I interpret as a non-domain user) it works.

Is that the case, and if so does that local user have full admin permissions on the workstation?

If so, as a test, add the regular domain user that fails to run the app properly to the workstation's Administrators group (not the domain group, the group on the workstation itself) and re-test.  That will tell you if it's strictly a "permissions on the local workstation" issue.  You can pull them out of the Administrators group after the testing is done.
techies123Author Commented:
Yes the user has local admin rights as a domain user. sorry i didnt make that clear. This is the dilema
OK, still a little unclear.  Is it A, B, or C?

A) Logging on as a local user (not a domain user) works, and that local user has full admin rights to the workstation.


B) The regular domain user has full admin rights to the workstation and it still fails.


C) Both A and B are true
techies123Author Commented:
It only works with SBSadmin account or logging on as local user
OK, try the suggestion of adding the "regular" domain user (that it fails with now) to the workstation's local Administrators group and then re-test and see what happens.  My suspicion is that it will work and that you have a local permissions issue.

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BTW: That suggestion was not offered as a fix, but rather as a diagnostic step.  The proper fix (in my mind) is to determine which folder(s) that the regular user needs full access to on their workstation, and adjust their permissions appropriately.

That said, if you don't have any concerns about your users having full administrative access to the workstations, then I suppose that you're all set.
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