Exchange 2010 issue with console and powershell

New sbs 2011 server, fully patched last night.  This morning unable to open exchange management or exchange power shell with any user account.  Email is still flowing normally.
I cannot move the users from sbs 2003 to the new exchange until I can get in the console.  I attached a screenshot or the powershell and console.  I am in the process of installing the management tools on a windows 7 pc to see if I can access from there.
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cnesupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found the problem, the sage tech installed their software during the night and it messed up IIS.  Removed 32bit files that it installed and it is now working.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Did you install the Windows Management Framework by any chance? That breaks Exchange.

imkotteesSenior Messaging EngineerCommented:
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

cnesupportAuthor Commented:
Sembee2- I don't see either of the KB2506146 and KB2506143 in the installed updates and I do not see windows management framework in add remove programs.
cnesupportAuthor Commented:
imkottees - already saw that and all of the files and settings it mentions are correct.
cnesupportAuthor Commented:
found the fix myself
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