HOw do I get X400 value or LegacyExchangeDN value from Exchange 2000!

hi guys

I'm in need of finding the X.400 values of certain users on Exchange 2000?

I've gone into ADSIedit on the DC but I can only find an LDAP path....not what you would say is an X400 value.

Any ideas? Really urgent.

Thank you
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You can also try with csvde  to export legacyExchangeDN attribute details for all users from old server..
csvde -f c:\users.csv -r (objectClass=User) -l "name,givenName,sn,displayName,sAMAccountName,legacyExchangeDN,mail"

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Or you can export details of single user, following command will export the details of the user whose sAMAccountName is equal to subsun
csvde -f c:\users.csv -r (sAMAccountName=subsun) -l "name,givenName,sn,displayName,sAMAccountName,legacyExchangeDN,mail"

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Once you export the details, Add the old legacyExchangeDN as a X500 address for new mailbox. And it should fix the NDR issue..
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
I've gone into ADSIedit on the DC but I can only find an LDAP path....not what you would say is an X400 value - Attribute for X400 is ProxyAddress

- Rancy
YashyAuthor Commented:
this is what I see....
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YashyAuthor Commented:
Okay, i went into AD on the very old DC.

I found this (attached). The X400 values:)

Is this correct?

How would I add this as an attribute in Exchange 2010? As in, how would I write it out in full?

Thanks a lot
YashyAuthor Commented:
The problem I'm having is just finding the correct values..that's it.

All I need is the X400 address values from the old Exchange. Then I can create the X400 attributor in the Exchange 2010 right?

I just that part...that's it.
YashyAuthor Commented:
I really need some input guys, all reply emails are now getting bouncebacks. There must be a way to fix this? Is this X400 or X500 details I can add? It would be awesome to get this fixed.

Thanks for all the input:).
You need to add old legacyExchangeDN as a X500 address to the new mailbox. Please refer the following question for details..
YashyAuthor Commented:
All of you thank you so much for the input.

Subsun, you legend. It damn well worked. Woohoo!:).
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