Motorola Netopia 2247-N8 DSL Modem/Router

Hi everyone :) I have a Motorola Netopia 2247-N8 DSL Modem/Router that I am trying to configure.  I have 3 issues with it.  The first issue is how to change the default username to something else.  The second issue is how to disable the SSID broadcast.  It has an option for multiple SSID's, and it says that you can not disable the SSID 1 option.  Is that for the broadcast? Or is that for SSID 1's functionality overall?  The third issue is how to set the power of the SSID (the signal strength) down to the lowest setting.  I've never seen a router that doesn't have an option to limit the broadcast, or to disable the broadcast. I live in an apartment, and my concern is security.  

Please reply to ALL three issues.  Thanks :)
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this wired or wireless
As far as I know it cant be changed that is the access point to the router.
And hackers cant access your computer from your wired router access point on the ip address , wireless they could.
Is this wireless?<<<<
Maybe you could change  web to something stronger like wpa,
How to Change WEP to WPA

You'd need to contact your ISP Randy_M to find if you can change the access point and if you can modulate the speeds.
They would then modify this on their server.
Take a look through these and read up on the suggestions.
Change the Default SSID on Wireless Access Points and Routers
It should be automatically set-up for your user name as per your ISP user account name, this cant be changed since it is used for your ISP?
I cant fully give you all the answers as every country has different methods and agreements. And routers are bound by those agreements.
But I can offer you some guides if you don't have any.
To log on to the router
From the guide
Open your web browser and type hit enter on your keyboard.
A window comes up asking for your language preference.
From the drop down menu select English, and then click next.
Then you will be asked for a new password, type in a password with 8 characters or
Make it easy and put your Phone number in with a - (example 467-0000). Click
• Another window pops up asking for username and password.
Username is admin
and the password is the password that was entered in the previous window.
• Immediately click on Start in the upper left corner.
• A connection information screen will come up, Click Start again.
• Click on Firewall, Click OFF, Click save changes.
• Click on expert mode, Click “Yes, enter expert mode.”
• Click on Configure, Click on Connection
• VPI should be 0, VCI should be 35,
• Protocol should be RFC-1483 Bridged Ethernet LLC/SNAP
• Bridging should be: Disabled
• Concurrent Bridging/Routing should be: Disabled
• Put in your assigned numbers. (On top of your DSL modem)
• Static IP address
• Netmask
• IP Gateway
• Primary DNS
• Secondary DNS
• Leave UPnP Checked
• For wireless set up go to page 4
• Click Save and Restart
• You should see “Do you want to restart your router now.” Click Yes.
The DSL and Internet light should come on in about 2 minutes Click on diagnostics
source viewable in Internet explorer browser or your web browser

Traffic Management & QoS (Quality of Service)
Go to Page 19.
Here you can set up or change the way you connect to your ISP. You should only change these settings at your ISP's direction, or by agreement with your ISP.
DSL Auto Modulation: provides automatic rate adaptation which tries to sync at the fastest possible modulation.
Randy_MAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that info. I didn't see a lot of those options there.  However, I'm trying to limit the broadcast power level, as well as changing the "admin" username. I didn't see any options that let me change the admin username or to limit the broadcast levels.
Randy_MAuthor Commented:
My concern was if they can access my router because of the default username.  You mentioned that they can't (only wireless).  That's one issue.  My other issue was the fact that there is no way to limit the power of the broadcast.  However, there was a "Hide SSID" option.  I guess that disables the SSID broadcast?? Thank you very much for your help.
Thank you glad to know I helped a little.
Security I know is a concern that is why wired is still the safest way to go for now.
Keep it separated.
Like the old proverb never put all your eggs in one basket and that seems to be the way the Internet is advancing with this wireless.
Domino effect if you ask me when one goes down everything else connected could follow unless people learn to take precautions..but we live in a time of who has time pay someone to take care of it.
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