Looking for a great deal on a projector

I am looking to buy a new projector for use mostly with my xbox 360 and some movies.
I dont want to spend more than 200 dollars but I still want the best projector I can get for that price.
Some examples that I have looked at are:

Any suggestions as to which one will get me the best quality for the price and also durability (i want to avoid bad pixels over time) would be much appreciated.

Any other projectors better than these for what I am looking for in the same price range?

Also, I will be using just a blank white wall in a very dark room if that makes any difference to the choice.

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The Dark room sounds good half of the problem solved.
The screen size is in direct proportion to how far the projector is placed from the screen/wall.
It's not difficult to raise a table legs in the front?
So  in my opinion the Playtime one may not be suitable simply because of the lack of connections.
No head phones. or USB.
Not very bright light.
No remote control
Size: 100 Lumen
Other than it is a good projector from the feedback.

The second one has more light> 2000 lumens  for a brighter image
has more connections,
If you are on a budget and want a good image try for 55"-70" and you won't lose quality.
It even includes a remote
and a extra bulb!
No headphones that I can see but you maybe able to solve that with a USB headphones as it has USB input.
USB ?Lots of connectionsIt has an onboard audio speaker as well which does a pretty good job.
According to the feedback.
We project it onto the white wall in my bedroom and onto a large white bedsheet against the living room curtain. We've all but given up the 36" lcd hdtv. This projector is bright enough to see during full daylight. I have closed all the curtains, shades and blocked as much sunlight as I could in my bedroom and I can still see the picture perfectly clearly

So really honestly I would choose the Digital Galaxy DG-737 Dream Land HDMI LCD Projector I like the extra connections, remote control, extra bulb.
It would fit my needs.
Please read the reviews all in all it's only a few things that sets these apart but they are the difference between awesome and good I suppose for the price.
All the Best.
mfriendAuthor Commented:
Also, just an additional piece of information: the projector will not be able to be more than 10 feet away from the wall because of the size of the room.
dont expect steller audio from the projector

projectors have come down a lot recently
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I like them both but for your purposes Digital Galaxy DG-737 Dream Land HDMI LCD Projector
I'm suprised to say the least, everything works great, I've connected my laptop(vga) and my xbox(hdmi) and both work flawlessly
Digital Galaxy DG-737 Dream Land HDMI LCD Projector uses a LAMP
Some brilliant some not very good reviews read here, it seems to have the right connections and a few other bling so it depends on the distance. But it rates pretty good.

Optoma-PT110-PlayTime  for watching games I'm not sure if the light is enough.
You'll be glad to know that LED projectors consume less power than conventional lamp units, in some cases up to 30 percent less.
But what exposure it gives I cant say but read the feedbacks from Amazon on this  Optima projector. Aside from the lack of buttons and connections it gets a good review, scroll down through watch the video.
To help you choose a question was posted on Amazon I came across it the other day,
please read it first as this guy explains it really well about light and stuff.
With that information compare them.
I want to use my laptop to project DVDs onto the wall. What is the best inexpensive projector?

Projector guide
mfriendAuthor Commented:
So I have a room with no windows so light should not be a problem. Do you still think the Digital Galaxy DG-737 is the better buy? Also, the projector will only be about 10ft away from the wall, maybe less, based on that information which one do you think is better?
mfriendAuthor Commented:
would it be more worth my money to buy a tv like this:

How much different is the picture going to be compared to if i brought the projector close enough so that it was only showing 32'' in total?
Hi, let me explain what I meant by light, it's not related to light in the room mfriend,
but rather the games on your xbox, watching games from a projector screen produce an entirely different motion compared to DVD or video through the projector with abrupt shifts of colour where they should be gradual, and the rainbow effect that's common in DLP projectors.
The difference between the projector and the TV would have to be the wall the projector image is placed on, unlike  TV screen, the closer the better but where you will sit and watch it?
A wall is not smooth even with  glossy paint? Is it brick or panels?
Walls also uneven possibly?
A wall spreads the pixels out differently than on an actual screen made of nylon or plastic very smooth surface, the picture would have a slight grainy effect but over all it's adequate for viewing, might get sore eyes though lol. sitting so close.
If you weigh the pros and cons ( space ) being the real issue here,
A flat screen TV weighs nothing and can be mounted on the wall with a bracket,
Projector is on a Table and needs to be positioned.
then there is the audio aspect, how will you connect audio to the projector plus a Xbox and DVD player? Maybe a USB device / external USB hard drive?
AMP Hi Fi?
Then you need to consider a digital TV antenna with the TV
The TV maybe simpler and also uses less power also a flat screen can be hung on the wall as well..everything is done for you.
The TV you listed will do fine really,  but stay away from Plasma in my humble opinion.
Also do you want that inbuilt DVD player? I don't like them personally.
If your stickler brands do count as well, cheap could mean low class brand, look to the warranty length, at least 2 years with cheap brands..
the  Insignia TV you listed come with Warranty Terms -
Parts: 1 year limited
Warranty Terms - Labor: 1 year limited
Same with the Toshiba, of the two I cant really say, I would prefer the Brand name I know and Toshiba may be better than an no name.
Low costs does not mean bad quality but how long will it last before you see a black dot on the screen or something is faulty.
Brands add costs but that reputation holds then accountable with a longer lifespan.
Best Brands AWA, Samsung. Panasonic Teak, Sony.
The bigger the screen the higher the costs as well so shop around for end of year bargains. Especially at tax time. They will dump all the goods to pay less tax.
For me the Hub of my entertainment center keeping costs down is the Panasonic DVR,
it acts as the main input for everything. If you wanted to go that way then any cheap TV would do as the DVR would outlast the TV. But use the top brands here for a long life.
What would you be happy with at a reasonable price ?
For a small room I'd consider the LED/LCD flat screen TV idea for sure, but  remember do you have an antenna?

The TV also has inbuilt speakers so need to worry about adding  audio cables like with a projector and you do get choices with the extra option of adding the TV to an AMP with surround speakers.
Here's what I have. Originally I had a Teak  analog 68 CM TV , then with the  digital TV freeview coming I had to weigh the pros and cons, I didn't want dump such a good analog TV, so bought a great investment in this Panasonic DVR.
Either way the Panasonic DVR would save me even when I upgraded the analog TV to Digital. Reception with digital TV is awful in my humble opinion and need boosters.
Now I have Upgraded the TV.
I went with an AWA  LED/LCD HD Flat Screen 80 CM screen 5 star energy rating  supports USB in put, no DVD player inbuilt from Big W  Australia,  for  a good price of 230.00  dollars Australian.
If memory serves me..
I then plugged that into my 1000 dollar Panasonic 350 gig twin HD TV tuner DVR ( with inbuilt dvd player) I can record the digital TV and anything connected to the Panasonic, the TV just acts as a screen really.
 The Panasonic is then connected to my PC and and Hi Fi AMP and cable TV.
I plug in a USB drive with all divx avi on and watch movies from there or DVD as well.
I use a small omni directional antenna indoors. Like this but was more expensive. This is connected to the Panasonic, it then acts as a booster never lost a digital signal yet.
Beautiful clear picture and works a treat for everything.
Panasonic is very expensive I know but I could afford it it's been 3 years and all is good. No problems at all.
It also has Viera Cast
On a good point the DVR  and others are a lot cheaper now and adds lots of options to add hardware for your digital TV.

For Ideas.
A TV with Viera it can connect to the internet Viera Cast using an Ethernet cable to your Laptop or PC.
Youtube and small stuff is available atm
Lots of choices

From Big W, if your in Australia try Big W.
Or try Ebay
mfriendAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all the information. Just one last thing:
So it looks like im going to go with the projector option. Now, which one do you recommend based on all of the information you have. eg. which light will work better for a flat panel white wall in a dark room where the projector is going to be placed about 8 or 9 ft away and it will be used mostly for gaming or being plugged into a laptop for movies?
Also, will I be able to plug my headphones into the projector? because that would be a great feature to look for in a projector for me.
mfriendAuthor Commented:
Very in depth answers, a lot of care put into each response, very knowledgeable.
Great Job!
Thank you very much,
may you have an awesome time enjoying your new big screen movies.
New steps... can only get better from here on with the new found knowledge.
Best wishes
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