moving squirrelmail mail boxes to other web host

Hello Experts.

I am moving web site from one host company to other.
I have few user accounts which use Squirrel Mail.
The apparent data are in folders like /home/user_name/mail
Another host has Web-based email reader called "Webmail" which has the same icon as "Squirrelmail".

How to move data?
What is the data format?
Which program reads these data?
The data - content of /home/user_name/mail folder is a directory tree.

I backed these trees up, but don't know what next?

Thank you.
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Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
Squirrelmail doesn't usually *have* mailboxes - that may take some explanation, so I will provide it :)

Squirrelmail is designed to access a mailbox via the industry standard "IMAP4" protocol; it will therefore work happily with whatever mail system you have, provided that it provides IMAP4.

Squirrelmail however *also* needs to store its own settings (preferences, address books, that sort of thing) and for that it has a separate set of files (usually in /var/lib/squirrelmail/data)

many *nix mail solutions (for example, postfix or exim) do in fact use /home/<username>/mail as a store for the user's email structure; you can migrate that manually, if your new hosting provider also uses that scheme, or you can use IMAP to both to just drag-and-drop the old mail across (there is nothing magical about using squirrelmail to access the mail)
BitlabAuthor Commented:
Thank you for clarifications.

Sorry perhaps I did not explain my question well.

It probably does not matter which is Squirrel's structure or address books, etc.
It probably does not matter how  it fetches mail or how it connects to mail server.
The matter is how to migrate about 5Gig of old emails.
I don't want loose them.
By "apparent data" I mean I can read this binary data by vi and see emails are really there, and folder tree structure is the same as I see on Squirrel Web interface.

How can I detect the format, which program/version can read it? Is this data a proprietary Squirrels data? Should I convert them to new account or not?

If on new server, I create "mail" folder under user's name and drop the tree there, will it corrupt Squirrel or not? how reliable will system work if work at all?

Thank you.
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BitlabAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your assistance one more time.

I made more attempts. I tried import to Evolution, but in vain.
Import attempt
BitlabAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Dave.

I will try ...
So far, no luck.

There are a few options on the way Menu -> Edit -> Preferences -> Edit Account -> Receiving Email:

MH-format ...
Mail-dir format ...
Standard Unix ... dir
Standard Unic ... file

... so far, no luck ... I expect there appears a folder on Evolution GUI from where mail
can be read, but this does not happen.
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
Ok, just tested with evolution on my exim host (which uses maildir, each user home folder has a maildir folder in it) and selecting maildir *almost* did the right thing. I also had to select a custom folder, and from there /home/<username>/maildir
(you can change that after the fact via edit>>preferences>>Mail Accounts>>Edit>>Receiving Email)
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