New Outlook Contact added, but not in contact list?

Hello Experts! I have an interesting one. I have one user (Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010) that the contacts are always messed up in. They used to have BES he now has a Droid. We are currently migrating to SBS2011. The issue has been there before i got involved with their IT needs. The number of contacts that are synced in the phone, tablet and Outlook don't sync right. If he deletes a contact in Outlook it doesn't always delete on the phone or tablet. But if he deletes one from the phone or tablet it will delete from Outlook. However, i don't think this is a sync issue. I think it is his profile but i don't know where to start?

Currently he is moved to the new Exchange 2010 server (was 2003 last week) upgrading the server for other reasons, just hoped maybe his problem would go away with it.

Today, i can add a new contact in Outlook and click "save and close" but, the contact is not in his list? If you go to the Start orb (Windows 7 Pro x64) and type in the contacts name in the search box, it shows up as a contact and opens as a contact. but it is not in Outlook?

Any ideas where my new contacts are going and what to do to fix it? According to Outlook he has 1005 contacts.

What do you think?
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x_phone_techAuthor Commented:
Okay, so it seems creating the new mail profile (and deleting his deleted items folder, which he wasn't happy about) have cleaned it up. I also told Windows 7 to re-index which seemed to help get rid of the computer showing so many contacts. It was also set to index two different  .ost files (one was a copy of the other) which is why i assume that Windows would find the contact, he would make a change to it and click save but his real contact wasn't updated. again i assume because of the second ost that was being indexed. Thanks IainNIX for pointing me in the direction of the profile. by the way, his phone and tablet sync with Exchange ActiveSync.
You could use another database for your contacts and setup a merge with that database.
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Early versions of the Exchange client supported about 16,000 items per folder. Outlook, with large table support enabled, supports about 65,000 items per folder. (Large table support is the default for new pst's created since Outlook98.) Outlook 2003 with a Unicode format *.pst or *.ost can have an unlimited number of items.
These limits apply to all folder types and subfolders count as 'items', so you could have 60000 folders and 5,000 messages, with each of the 60,000 folders containing 65,000 messages, at least until you hit the ANSI pst size limit of 2GB.
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To repair your PST file, open the Scanpst.exe utility that’s included by default with Outlook. The only problem is that there’s no shortcut to it, so you'll have to find it in the Outlook folder or search option.
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Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
when he came off of BES, there is an option when removing users, to clean the BES stuff off the mail account -- this should have been done.

next check his contact folder to make sure the Outlook one is the default (and he is not trying to sync sub-contact folders, most devices don't like subfolders).  You may also try starting Outlook with some command line switches to clear things up -- namely Outlook.exe /cleanclient /cleanprofile /resetfolders

see if this sorts his contact folder to be his default area to save new contacts.  how does his droid phone and tabelt sync -- via Google Apps, or via the Exchange server?  

When berries used to mis-synch contacts, the fix was to turn off wireless sync, manually connect the device via USB and Desktop Manager and then do a one off sync direct with Outlook.  Then disconnect and turn wireless sync back on.  rarely did this happen again.
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x_phone_techAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I hope to look into both of these possible solutions later today when i am on-site. I aggree when he was removed from BES that should have happened. However, i wasn't the one to remove him so i am not sure if it did?

I will post as soon as i can try these.

Thanks again.
x_phone_techAuthor Commented:
I did some further testing. If i create a new contact it syncs fine on all devices all the way around. I removed the Suggested contacts as he may have been saving them in there and they are not synced to the droids.

One issue remains. If you use the search box on Windows7 and type in a contact it they are showing up (greyed out) from contact lists that were created a long time ago that were deleted. the deleted items folder is empty and there are no subfolders under the deleted items. Windows still sees it though?

Ideas on how to get rid of the old contacts that it finds from old lists that have been deleted? i created a new profile for him and i have tried the Outlook.exe /cleanclient /cleanprofile /resetfolders but the only one that would run was the resetfolders. it didn't help

I couldn't scanost because microsoft took that away in Outlook 2010 i guess and recommends a new profile instead?

Is the searching and finding the old contact list something to do with indexing or can i use outlookspy or something to find the folders they may be lingering in his deleted items? they don't show up in OWA either.

Thanks for the help. let me know what to try next.
Hello x_phone_tech I don't really know , it gets a bit out of my experience range, if you get stuck with no other responses please use the request attention tab in your first original comment.
Microsoft has made so many changes what with skydrive cloud and windows live mail.

But please take a look
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Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
try checking the users Win 7 profile, under the main username folder, see if there is a Contacts folder, and if so try and delete it, to see if recreates a new one (i don;t think the user can be logged in, so use your domain login or local admin (or remotely) and see if deletion of the folder clears the old contact list that Win 7 is showing.
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
thanks for the update/points and that you finally resolved it.  I too get fed up of users who use the deleted items as a store -- i got that fixed via Outlook policy, that when they close it, deleted items is auto emptied!!
x_phone_techAuthor Commented:
I am selecting my own comment as the solution to provide others what i finally did to resolve the issue. Awarding points to the one that helped me get there.
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