Video Details Properties - Add, Change, or Remove.

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a way to edit the properties of a video, manually or by a utility.
I already tried Right-clicking the file then I get all this option in propertie tab:
[ General - Security - Details - Previous Version. ] On Details >> Media >> Origin
this is the zone I would like to edit, or remove, or the whole thing. there is a tool,
or program by the name "File Property Edit Pro" but I think that is not free, and
I'm not sure if I can edit video files properties with it, or if is just for regular files.
Any suggestion will be appreciate, thanks.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thankyou Samuel-AMC, I also use VLC mainly for video solving, I don't have a default player per say  always use the drag and drop.
VLC has an enormous range of abilities even capturing the desktop.
I'm experimenting on that .. Works pretty good.
hmm after fully testing my divx avi yes it seems your right, changes with >>divx avi,<<
I know that metadata is added to a video file during the process of extracting it from once source to another hense the metadata is embedded with encoding.
Are your videos  divx avi? I bet!!!
It seems the main problem is with divx avi,
try this, if you have an mp4 / WMV/  rightclick it and go properties>details, you'll find you can add all the details right down the list, under the Media as you move your mouse it shows a small column where you can add in text, when applied it takes a long time.
mp4  metadata details can be addedI can get the metadata to stick with avi in VLC by
(1) loading my video
2) then going to tools Media info,
3) add in my data then save metadata
4) go to media save playlist to file, this allows those alterations to embed.
When I drag the VLC xspf playlist back on to VLC it starts playing and now the new info is displayed on the screen,
new metadata on display from playlistWith regards to adding details from the properties of the file
The MP4 / wmv container specifically allows for this type of user metadata. MPG and AVI containers don't, to make global changes to the original metadata you can convert to mp4 or use this  
abcAVI Tag Editor
abcAVI Tag Editor is little stand alone utility for viewing/editing tags in AVI files. In short it allows you to get information on movie from Internet Movie Database or type it by yourself and save that info inside AVI file.
Open abcavi go to top left and import divx avi movie
using the tabs add in all the metadata you want, once your happy go to the floppy disc top left ( sightly grey)  and save changes.
Close out abcavi editor then go to  avi file properties ~>details. you should see your new data.
abcAVI tag editor with avi onBefore and afterUsing the abcAVI tag editor the new info is NOT displayed on the screen apart from the title.
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I was saved by this EE question as a distraction for like a time out too stressful lol
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Morning all and good night
ded9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check this

 Right-click the file, and then click Properties.

 In the Properties dialog box, click the Details tab.

 Click Remove Properties and Personal Information.

  In the Remove Properties dialog box, do one of the following:

 Click Create a copy with all possible properties removed, and then click OK. This keeps the original version of the file with all of its properties, and makes a copy with all of the properties removed that's suitable for sharing.

        Click Remove the following properties from this file, select the check box for each property that you want to remove, and then click OK. This permanently removes the selected properties from the file without making a copy.


Samuel-AMCAuthor Commented:
Hi Ded9, I tried, and it did made a copy, but all the info still there on the copy,
actually this is not what I really wanted, what I really want is to be able to edit,
remove, add, then edit my own.
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By just double click the contents in properties  you get an option to change it or use windows movie maker.

Samuel-AMCAuthor Commented:
On Windows 7 is not as just double
clicking and just edit, on 7 that option is licked. as for windows media maker, nope, I was talking about editing the video footage, All I want is to edit the properties of the video file.
Try this, download VLC
Open VLC  and just quickly set it up, go to view click advanced Controls, now you'll see more options like capture /record, then go to Tools Preferences<video Output directory browse add your directory. done.
Now drop your video on> if it plays Pause it
then go to Tools>Media Information, fill in the data
Fill in data
And then use its 'reset file associations' shortcut in the menu and uninstall it, because even if you uncheck ALL the file types during install, VLC steals the file associations for all the file types it plays.
no it doesn't  Darr247
VLC unless you make it the default player it's just another great open source player??
Please do show me where you associate a files type with VLC other than right clicking a media file then choose  open with VLC as default, that is the only way.
You are the first person I have seen poo poo VLC in some way.
Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
During InstallVLC - All Associations UNcheckedAll associations UNchecked.

After InstallVLC - Took Over FLACs(they used to open in WMP11)

And then once it's installed, there is no way to alter its file associations from Preferences.
Right tah for that, I must have missed it since I don't use an installer pack but rather a zip
no installer required, I just grabbed a shortcut from VLC within my downloads unzipped.
Unzip VLC  to folder in downloadsVLC unzippedInside downloads VLC folderAnd then I simply update from my original.
but it is changeable if one misses that at setup using an installer just  select your msuic or video file then open with and set whichever media player as default.
Who doesnt have VLC :)
With WMP 11? XP?
WMP 11 doesn't support flac? so most use VLC for this reason it is the directshow filter built in to VLC.
When you installed VLC it may have removed the directshow filter you had as you can have only one of these filters.
This filter enabled the old versions WMP to play DVD mpeg2 as well..
Have you tried to drah and drop your Flac into WMP 11 with VLC installed?
Set WMP 11 as default for Flac.
But if you like
Install  OGG Directshow Filter for WMP
Once you have downloaded the DirectShow filter you will have to install it.
The install process is very easy, just accept the license agreement and click Next until it is complete. There is nothing to configure now but if everything went correctly you should be able to play FLAC in DirectShow-based players like Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player (see below for further instructions).

Thanks again appreciate it.
Samuel-AMCAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete, hello Darr247,

Merete your suggestion is SUPER!, woow I new there was a way to do it with a tool.
But here comes the bad part, I open the media file with VLC media player and then
I go to Tools-Media information, once there in General, I can go ahead and start editing,
I mean Add, Remove, Change, etc. but I'm doing it the right way, and then save changes.
Then I close VLC, but if I go check the properties of the video it goes back to what it was.

As for Darr247 comment:
"use 'reset file associations' shortcut file associations for all the file types it plays."
I've been always aware of this, cuz I like VLC, but is not my default player, I use VLC
only when I have problems with videos, movies, or any other media issues.
Samuel-AMCAuthor Commented:
Hello again Merete,

Is weird, the file I've been trying to edit the tag with is an .avi file format,
but no matter how many times I do it, or how I try with the VLC tag editor,
the tag gets saved instanlly in the VLC tag editor option, but after I close
everything, the avi file still the same like if I did nothing to it.

Now with abcAVI Tag Editor... WooW! Merete ^_^ this method really works :-)
The only thing that I'm not too happy with is with this warning popup msg:

File Video.avi will be truncated by 1.160 bytes. Usually it happens when you have
changed existing tags and new tags shorter then previouse (usually not greater than
several kilobytes). But sometimes some errors in the structure of AVI file could lead
to shorter size. in the last case, your file might become damaged.
Do you want to apply the changes?

[ Yes ]  [ Yes To All ]  [ No ]

Open in new window

But as for the rest ...WooooHooooo! I like it ^_^
I wish I could do the same thing with any video file,
but I guess this tag editor is only for avi format.

Thank You So Much for all the help Merete ^_^
You saved me again, Thank you again. :-)
Morning all, thank you very much Samuel.
Always a  pleasure to share my knowledge where it can help others.
That's correct Samuel, abcavi tag editor is only for avi.
 With VLC,
 once you hit save metadata in VLC  don't close it,
just go to save file to playlist first then close it and drag the playlist back on,
it was the only way I could get some metadata to stick in avi but then you get two issues the data is flashed up on the playback display and only VLC will use a VLC playlist.

Since VLC is open source and free maybe in time the programmers can fix this, the editor is there but doesn't save it seems like a bug to me.
Could be a legal tracking thing as well- possibly.
Since the metadata could include a hidden tag modified by VLC and that registers VLC as the author of it?
So if the avi was illegally obtained then VLC could be held partially responsible for modifying the tags. Binding it to a source for illegal actions.
With the other video formats you can just use the properties>details.

When you understand the complexity of copyrights and ownerships and what metadata tags were meant for it starts to make sense
The reason behind it is of course the different propriety codecs used within the video and that codec had a default decoder/ player.
Such as avi for divx - divx player
mpeg is owned by Motion Picture Experts Group and the default decoder was any DVD player/ product that paid for a lisense to use their codec, mpeg/1 and 2 since this is a DVD format, the default mpeg2 player was Power DVD, Nero, and any dedicated decoder DVD player  and still Not Free,
the mpeg2 plugin is still required to purchase.
VLC and MPC  Gom player etc changed this forever by embedding the direct show/directdraw filter ffdshow within the api,
This codec  is needed to compress this type of video  so you can to watch mpeg2/vobs compliant DVD outside of dedicated media players.
WMV- Microsoft- dedicated player WMP up to WMP11
originally WMP6 and up to 11 required a decoder such power DVD  etc that bundles with a DVD rom,
after that Microsoft spent years fighting for the rights to use it and finally won, they purchased a license from MPEG to use their propriety codec in his WMP 12 windows 7 natively.
So now WMP 12 will play DVD without those decoders in windows 7.
mp4  - quicktime. decoder quicktime
FLV, SWF Adobe and shockwave.
Real /RM Real Player and so on.

Adding metadata is really for search purposes /tracking purposes.
Kind of like a marketing tool for all our main media players such as WMP and Power DVD etc,
So the dedicated media player used the metadata to add thumbnails and information about the video to that media player for your pleasure and information but also for the marketing side.
Remember metadata is used to track and monitor the video used in any dedicated media player. Not open source though.
Since they use the the online database CDDB GraceNotes anything outside of a CD / DVD was not officially recognised as legitimate container.
 So now Gracenotes also includes mp3 and avi and mp4 in their database and is accessible outside of the respective dedicated players.

There is also Adobe bridge but doesn't work on mp4
MetaX is a freeware video tagging application that automatically searches online databases for meta-data, and encodes it into your video files.
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