RDP on AT&T 2Wire UVerse Router

We have an AT&T 2Wire UVerse router and we have two computers that we want to RDP into.  We have static IP address that we can assign to the devices, but that appears to put them in a different subnet/outside the network.

Therefore, we currently have one computer set to forward to 3389 to the first computer.  It works well.

We have set the other computer to port 3390 for RDP (set in registry) and set the router to forward port 3390 to the second computer.  So when we open up RDP/mstsc on another computer outside the network we type in the IP and port ( but it does not connect.  

What are we doing wrong?
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IanThConnect With a Mentor Commented:
have you changed the rdp on the second pc to use 3390 you have to tell the client too
gta2011Author Commented:
We have.  

RDP is set to 3390 on the computer, 3390 on the router forward to the computer, and using the Windows built in RDP client with to it via

( is in place of the correct static IP address)
does it work internal to port 3390?
gta2011Author Commented:
Yes, internal works to 3390.
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