Enable sFlow on HP Procurve 4208lv switch

We are implementing Solarwinds NTA and I'm trying to get sFlow working on my HP Procurve 4208vl switch.

I was able to enable sFlow by entering the following commands:

setmib sFlowRcvrAddress.1 -o 0A00020C  (
setmib sFlowRcvrOwner.1 -D sFlowowner sFlowRcvrTimeout.1 -i 100000000
setmib sFlowRcvrPort.1 -i 2055

After entering "walkmib ifName" to get the PVID mappings - I entered these command to configure port C2:

setmib sFlowFsReceiver. -i 1
setmib sFlowFsPacketSamplingRate. -i 512
setmib sFlowFsMaximumHeaderSize. -i 128
setmib sFlowCpReceiver. -i 1
setmib sFlowCpInterval. -i 30

After any of these commands, the following message is returned:

sFlowFsReceiver. Unable to create.

Can someone help me to get this working?

Useful Information:
Software revision  : L.10.23  
 ROM Version        : L.10.03

sFlowVersion.0 = 1.3;HP;L.10.23
sFlowAgentAddressType.0 = 1
sFlowAgentAddress.0 = 0a 00  02 11
sFlowRcvrOwner.1 = sFlowowner
sFlowRcvrTimeout.1 = 99,946,298
sFlowRcvrMaximumDatagramSize.1 = 1400
sFlowRcvrAddressType.1 = 1
sFlowRcvrAddress.1 = 0a 00  02 0c
sFlowRcvrPort.1 = 2055
sFlowRcvrDatagramVersion.1 = 5

Websites I used for info:
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AngealConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I looked at our config and ports C1-C4 were part of a trunk group. After running the walkmib ifName command, and the very bottom I found:

ifName.209 = Trk1

Trk1 contains C1 - C4
I ran the commands above, and they worked.

Thanks very much Rharland2009 for your help!
Try your commands spelled out MIBwise in the setmib.
Like this.

setmib -i 1
AngealAuthor Commented:
Hi Rharland2009,

Unfortunately, I received the same response: Unable to create.
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rharland2009Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Okay. Just curious - if you do a getmib of that same string, do you get a result?
AngealAuthor Commented:
getmib -i 1
Cannot translate variable -i.
rharland2009Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, leave the variable and value off.
AngealAuthor Commented:
Odd, port C2 (ifname.54) results with "no such name" but a higher number port D22 (ifname.100), I received a return value of 0:

# getmib sFlowFsReceiver.
sFlowFsReceiver. No such name.

# getmib sFlowFsReceiver.
sFlowFsReceiver. = 0
Try to configure your steps on the higher interface and post results.
No problem....glad it's working for you!
AngealAuthor Commented:
Extremely helpful! Thank you Rharland2009 for pointing me in the right direction.
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