The issue is a Server 2003 server that has had the administrator password changed... thus no one knows how to get into it via the domain.  By "via the domain" I mean that the option to select "This Computer" from the "Log on to" is missing...

If you click on the drop down arrow for the "Log on to" dropdown box, ONLY the domain is listed.

Any thoughts on how I can proceed?
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R_EdwardsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
or someone changed it, used CAPSLOCK to update it... or completely fudged it up
have you tried just logging in as an administrator through remote desktop?

also is this a domain controller?  if so there will be no dropdown
classnetAuthor Commented:
Wow... never noticed that the dropdown on a DC only contained the domain...

Cannot remote in either... so, this is probably just a "hack the password" issue...
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do you have any users that are part of the administartors group?  you can log in with their acct, and are you RDP'ing with ther server IP?
classnetAuthor Commented:
Yeah... I think some goof just changed it...
I'll look at changing the password somehow.
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