excell printing out Entire worksheets with different orientations to printer

I have an excel worksheet that has 4 sheets in it. I can print each individual sheet but the 3rd sheet is oriented landscape instead of portrait and the 4th sheet is printed on both sides while the 1st and 2nd sheets are both printed on one side only. If I ask to print the entire worksheet how do I get the printer to recognize sheet 1 and 2 as portrait one side while sheet 3 is landscape and sheet 4 is printed on both sides without having to print each sheet individually?
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andrewssd3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can set different Page Setup options for each sheet using the Page Setup tab.  If you click the arrow at the bottom left of the Page Setup group on the tab, you have the ability to set the orientation, and the Options button gives you the option for double sided (depending on your printer).  These settings should be applied per page (although I have not tested whether it still honours these options when you print the whole workbook).
Jignesh TharSenior ManagerCommented:
Only single setting will apply when printing workbook. you cannot provide different print setting per sheet
@jigneshthar - yes you can.  Just tested my first suggestion, and works fine.
Jignesh TharSenior ManagerCommented:
@ andrewssd3 - Yes. It remembers individual sheet page set up if you set it in each sheet. Sorry about incorrect info I provided.
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