Web page loading and immediately going to middle of page

I just updated a wordpress page.  It is very strange.  When I load the page it jumps to a form in the middle of the page leaving the top half of the page unseen.  Any idea what might be wrong?

The page is http://marcromspharmacy.com/test/

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COBOLdinosaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The link you posted does not have a form on it.  In any case, look to see if there is an input in the form with autofocus as an attribute.  That will cause it to set focus on the load.

joemckameyAuthor Commented:
This happens in both Firefox and Chrome.
joemckameyAuthor Commented:
I ended up getting an answer back from the form company that I use.  It is in their javascript that is hard coded on their side.  Very frustrating...I had to remove the forms...
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