CAL Licensing for Exchange 2010 Migration

My Exchange 2003 Server went down and we are installing Exchange 2010 as a replacement.  I need to have this up for 200 users/mailboxes but do not have the CALs yet.  Will I still be able to use Exchange 2010 for all my users until we receive the licenses? I will be purchasing them in a weeks time but can not go without Exchange until then.

Please advise.

Thank you
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
User CALS are just a piece of paper. Once you have everything running, you should go to the Exchange 2010 Organizational Health page, View Legal information, it will show you how many Standard and Enterprise CALS you require..
James PowellData Analyst / Online Retail DevelopmentCommented:
Spring for a Technet Professional Subscription which includes 2 complimentary support calls and they can answer directly.
exchange licenses are "gentlemen agreement" all will work normally and you buy the cals just to be legally covered
IgaravidezKAuthor Commented:
I am starting the migration now.

Thank you ve3ofa & Akhater.
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