Lenovo WIN 7 OEM SLP Activation Problems

We sell and service hundreds of OEM Lenovo Thinkcentre workstations.

We do not use the pre installed OEM OS that is loaded with extras and crapware that we dont want in our business OS deployments.   We have our own "retail win 7 pro" image that we deploy using Acronis imaging.

This was working flawlessly until recently.  We simply deploy the image overwritting the factory OS.  Boot the pc - change the product key using the key provided on the WIN 7 PRO COA sticker on the side of the Lenovo case.  And activate---done.

We just brought in a new order of 30 Thinkcentre M82s that are now badged WIN8,  but come preloaded still with WIN 7 PRO.  We do not have the go ahead yet to roll out WIN 8 , as software manufacturers need to comply first in our industry.

I have learned that there is some advanced BIOS feature now that contain the key or encryption info tieing to the OEM OS.  
WE CAN NO LONGER ACTIVATE using the very Win 7 keys we have extracted from the factory OS!   Error 0xC004F063 - SLS reported that the computer BIOS is missing a required license.

I have learned their OEM OS versions are different from our regular WIN 7 PRO OS we install from DVDs.

Is there anyway to resolve this problem?   We may have to return all 30 units to Lenovo and re think our deployments and hardware choices.
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j-teksolutionsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok guys I have solved it.
According to research this is totally legal for OEM reloads.
Requires:  1.  A legit purchased OEM pc of course.  2.  Access to the original OEM SLP OS.  3.  Tools to backup the SLIC/Certs and Keys then to brand back.

Boot the OEM OS once - run the SLIC TOOLS  ( I cannot provide links or names to such tools)
Backup the SLIC / CERT and KEYS

Blow away OS and reimage with same version as was purchased with the pc - in this case WIN 7 PRO

Run the branding tools to write backup the CERT and keys and done!
Some generic information in MS KB 942962
No obvious solution, unfortunately
What we do in our org is order the system without o.s...after receiving the system we make changes in bios(like enabling TPM etc)  ...we then do a network installation of windows 7 or 8 enterprise edtition.

Don ThomsonCommented:
I Assume that all of the Levinos are being shipped with Win 7 Pro - If you had them shipped with Win 7 Home Premium and then obtained the Volume OS Licensing Upgrade through Microsoft - your MAK key should work
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
If they have the Microsoft Win8 COA on the case, initially I would verify if they have O/S downgrade rights to Win 7 Pro. If not, you might be selling units that are not legal. I'm not saying you have done anything wrong, but I'd investigate that before proceeding to stay on the right side of the law.

After that, I'd look into the Bios related situation.
j-teksolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone - These are sealed OEM Lenovos from factory.  They are all shipped with WIN 7 PRO preloaded.   There are NO coas anymore on the Lenovo cases like last year.  There is only a WIN8 logo.   My understanding is its all handled by BIOS now.
Extensive research indicates we are into a SLIC issue with OEM SLP versions of WIN OS that are tied to the bios key.

I really miss the old days where - we simply enter the COA sticker key and activate.

Apparently there is SLIC TOOLKIT to backup the 3 critical files required to re activate LENOVO OEM versions of Windows 7 PRO?
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Not Slic toolkit but perhaps you could try this little free app
Advanced Tokens Manager http://www.joshcellsoftwares.com/2011/09/AdvancedTokensManager.html

Win 7 activates simply from a slic 2.1 bios and the key, actual key captured from installed system.
If this technique works then good ...but if ms release any update for windows activation then there are chances u might face activation issue.

j-teksolutionsAuthor Commented:
Extensive research paid off.  Hope this helps direct someone with the same issues.
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