Avaya voicemail pro email subject in the registry

We need to change the default subject when voicemail pro sends the email. I've found articles saying you can but only says to change it in the registry.  I' changed the subject in the registry but it does not change the email being sent. I disabled the mail server settings in the ip office to make sure it was not coming from the ip office. Any ideas.
ChuckTTechnology CoordinatorAsked:
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ChuckTConnect With a Mentor Technology CoordinatorAuthor Commented:
I got it,
had to change registry key  CustomizeEmailFields to Y
now it pulls from the registry
JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
Have you restarted Server holding avaya pro (registry changes will be applied after restart)
ChuckTTechnology CoordinatorAuthor Commented:
Yes I have restarted ?
ChuckTTechnology CoordinatorAuthor Commented:
Looking further in the registry I found the solution
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