If account is deactivated can an IP address be located for it? or point of origin?

my computer was hacked and an email account was created from my computer and have been sending harassing emails to myself and others. the account that was created is now deactivated. Since my computer had a spy virus on it and false account was created will the point of origin be from my infected computer and IP address?
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tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no,  it would only point back to the mail servers (your trace ended at Google).   Technically there are IPs associated with the email account but that information belongs to Google.
The point of origin will be the email server it's being sent from.
SONOGIRLAuthor Commented:
is that the same for the IP address?

is there a way to locate IP address for deactivated account?
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The point of origin (IP address) will be the email server.    

"is there a way to locate IP address for deactivated account?"

I don't think so.    Is this an online mail service?
SONOGIRLAuthor Commented:
It was a gmail accoun that was created.  They sent he messages from the made up gmail account via text messages. There wasn't a header since we received them all as text messages.
Did a reverse email trace and it simply states it is an email account. zero other information.
is it possible to locate IP address from just the text messages from gmail account or from deactivated email address?

thank you it's created a lot of havoc for many.
well your only chance would be if there were using an email client to send those emails installed on a computer, then the source IP would be included in the header.

but to harass s/o one would never setup an local mail account in e.g. outlook.

technically speaking, if they accesses the gmail webinterface also from their computer, google could provide you with their IP. But if they used a spy software to access your computer I doubt that.
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