Move Dell Powervault 220 away from a bad server onto a new server (Keeping the raid\data)

We have a bad HP ml350 g5 server that is connected to a Dell Powervault 220 Raid5 145gb x 14 drives using scsi 320.

I attempted to take a FULL backup to do a bare bones restore but it is crawling at 10mb a minute on the backup. We have about 800gb on that shelf and a backup and restore is not looking good.

Could I do a barebones restore of the C: drive onto another server and just move the Shelf over?

Would the permissions populate fine?

Any other issues I should be aware of?
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Chris HConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure ManagerCommented:
For the most part, yes.  What OS?
fivepointAuthor Commented:
Windows Server x86 2003 R2 Enterprise!
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