Setting Up New DC's and Services Win 2008 R2

I have a site that is part of a larger global network and we are trying to remove the last of the Windows 2003 DC's in my site in order to raise the Domain Functional Level. The Operations Master is located at another site so I wanted to know if I need to move or change any roles on either the existing Windows 2003 DC or the new Windows 2008 R2 DC's I've brought up at my site before I DCPROMO down the last Windows 2003 DC?

Also, is there any way to export out DHCP configurations and import them into the new Windows 2008 R2 box?
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GiladnConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1. Move all FSMO rules to another server (2008 r2) before demoting the last 2003 dc.
    after that you can grand any rule back to the new server.

2. about migrating the dhcp config try this:

open command prompt (right click "run as administrator")
netsh dhcp server export C:\dhcpcb all  (2003 dc)

move the file to your new server and type:
netsh dhcp server import C:\dhcpcb all

post back with results...

iNetSystemAuthor Commented:
before I import (i did export the dhcp) will it automatically activate the scope?  Will it bring over all of the scope options?
you cannot have 2 dns servers in 2008 farm, this will auto disable on of the dhcp servers so the answer is no.. you can import config and stop the dhcp server if you want. no risk here if the 2003 is still alive.
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iNetSystemAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry - could you please clarify?

If I import the DHCP configuration into the new 2008 R2 DC that I exported out from the existing 2003 DHCP server will it automatically Activate the new DHCP scope and options on the new box?

When I import it in will it bring over all of the options that were part of DHCP on the Windows 2003 box?
iNetSystemAuthor Commented:
Also - if the FSMO roles are on a DC at another site I do not need to do anything on the Windows 2003 box before I DCPROMO it out - correct?
iNetSystemAuthor Commented:
Can anyone comment on my last two questions please?
sorry -

Ok, importing will bring all "service configuration" which is a YES to your question.
to your second question, you need to move the server's operation roles before demoting, this can be done during work hourse with no impact, I can either guide you or let you do it yourself, if you need my help please post back which FSMO roles the 2003 server currently holds :

if you want to do it yourself :

post back..

iNetSystemAuthor Commented:

All of the FSMO roles are located at another site and NOT on my Windows 2003 box that I want to remove.  Do I need to do anything?
in that case, make a backup of all the files and system state and you can demote it using "dcpromo" from run menu..
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