URL rewrite 2.0

I am successfully using URL rewrite 2.0 (pluggin for IIS7), for example

mysite.com/content/123/ works fine and server reports url as mysite.com/content/page=123.

I'm wondering if a redirect can also be set up so all existing urls which are written like the the second one will redirect to the first one... or would this create an endless loop??
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so if I'm understanding your question correctly
you currently have a rewrite working for
mysite.com/content/page=123  to mysite.com/content/123/
and you want to have
mysite.com/content/page=* to mysite.com/content/*/

Is my understanding correct?
intoxicated_curveballAuthor Commented:
No sorry, I already have it working if the user types in mysite.com/content/*/ the server will read it as mysite.com/content/page=*

But the problem is all of the existing links that look like mysite.com/content/page=* ... if a user clicks the link it will still show as mysite.com/content/page=* and not the more semantic version mysite.com/content/page=*

so I'm wondering if I should be redirecting mysite.com/content/page=*  to mysite.com/content/*/
So you have a rewrite working  want to setup a redirection.  You should be fine.  Here's an article explaining the difference between the two.

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