how do I get to console on my own aix system

I have an aix system ( Ibm 43p ) and with a serial console cable ( and hyper term ) I can get the six "banner" lines on the screen.  

                                Welcome to AIX.
                       boot image timestamp: 13:22 07/26
                 The current time and date: 00:56:05 01/01/1970
               number of processors: 1    size of memory: 1024MB
                   boot device: /pci@80000000/scsi@10/sd@4,0
                     kernel size: 12542283; 32 bit kernel

I need to change the root password as well as the ip address of the box so I do not need to use the serial port.  

how do I do that ?
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IBM ESS has only current versions of AIX available for download.
These are AIX 6.1 and 7.1. No more AIX 5.x, unfortunately.

Verify this here (if you have a contract with IBM):

You can buy AIX media kits e.g. on ebay, of course.

Here is AIX 5.3 (your machine supports this level):

and here is AIX 5.1:

And again: You can't recover a lost root password on AIX without using an installation medium of some sort (can also be a bootable mksysb backup on CD or tape, for example).

the banner shown in your question comes from the AIX bootloader, which in turn means that there is no operational AIX present yet.

In other words, your machine hangs at the start of the boot process. Before trying to change passwords or to set up networking we must first care for a completed boot process.

The 7043 (withdrawn 2003!) has IBM 604e processors. These processors do not support AIX 6.1 and up. Just a hint.

I fear you'll have to answer the following questions before we can continue:

Did you ever boot it before, or is this a newly purchased machine? ?
Did you change anything?
What do you see on the LED display?
Do you have an AIX 5.x installation medium and/or an IBM RS/6000 diagnostic CD at hand?

TIMFOX123Author Commented:
this was a working box at work however I forgot the password and the ip.

Just took it home.

I do get numbers on the display, I will investigate them.

I will have to hunt for media.
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Let's hope that you didn't kill your harddisk(s) during the transport!

I think the diagnostic CD could become a very precious prey of your hunt for media.

You can download an image (Rock Ridge) to burn on a blank CD here:

Choose CD52035.iso if you have AIX 5.2, or choose CD53030.iso for AIX 5.3.
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
I was able to get the code off the front.   0581

A buddy of mine says that tcpip is running.  

I would like to reset the root password.  

There is a possability that aix may be shutting the serial ports off.

We "may need" maintance mode, what ever that is.
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Also I need to change or recover the root password
Do you see a shell prompt now, or is it still the "banner" you posted?

0581 for a longer time means that the machine is stuck in the process of configuring TCP/IP. Did you connect the NIC to a switch or hub, or to a PC by means of a crossover cable?

Anyway, since you don't know the roor password we will have to go to maintenance mode.

Here is how to reach this mode:

- Insert the base OS CD into the CD drive (same version as the installed OS version).
- Reboot the machine by turning power off, then back on. Press "1" as soon as the string "Keyboard" appears.

- The SMS menu comes up. Select "Multiboot" -> "Install from" -> (select CD device) -> (follow the instructions) -> choose "Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery" as soon as the appropriate screen is displayed ->  select "Access a Root Volume Group".
You'll see a list -> Choose the root volume group. -> Select "Access this Volume Group and start a shell"

If the above works fine (particularly the last step!) you are logeed in as root and you can now set root's password ("passwd") and, after rebooting into "normal" or, if required "single user" mode, check the TCP/IP config  ("ifconfig -a").

Please let me know how far you got and what you achieved so far.
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
this is a bit tough, have much time invested.  

Can I just downnload and reinstall ?

does ibm have aix 5.2 out there somewhere
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Again Porky wins !!!

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