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CAG VPX 5.0.4 - Can I use LDAP Auth on the CAG for a Services Site?

The question is simple enough.

Have a VPX 5.0.4 install up and running.

Have a Web Interface being pushed out through my cag on a logonpoint which does auth at the CAG and single-sign-on with xendesktop instances.

All is working well and the newer devices all work right through that.

However for some older devices I still need to push out through a Services Site (PNAgent).

I have this working at the moment with a second logonpoint that is pushing out a Services Site in Basic (Web Interface) Auth mode where the CAG is just acting as an https reverse proxy.

While this works, I would prefer it if I could have the CAG do auth for the services site as well.

The issue is I can't figure out how to do it. After much searching I am seeing reports that range from working to not even possible. I think some of the confusion is in the array of software in the field right now (NetScaler, CAG 4.X, CAG VPX, CAG VPX 5, etc) which all seems to be refered to as CAG.

So, the question is, with my environment, is it possible or not?

Can I use my auth on the CAG to provide a Services Site that is useable externally? Or do I need to use the web-interface auth on the xendesk farm for this to work?


Karl P
1 Solution
IamKarlAuthor Commented:
I burned a support ticket this morning to just ask the question directly.

As I suspected, it isn't possible in CAG5, it is to an extent in 4.6, but that introduces concerns of it's own.

We are going to leave it be for another year or so and then upgrade the whole environment and move to storefront and AGEE at that time.
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