Install CISCO ACE 4710

Dear Experts,

I've put in an embarrassing position, I have to install Cisco ACE 4710 for the first time , I have a good knwledge in Routing and switching but I did not install a load balancer before.
I need to install Cisco ACE 4710 to balance the load on two mail servers, these server are two clusters.
What should I ask the customer, is their requirements,questionaire or table to prepare for installation.

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agonza07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would start reading the configuration guides if I was you, but other than figuring out how the customer wants to load balance I dont think there is much to it.

Check out this Server Load Balancing guide.

Then start looking at how to install the unit.

Then browse any other relevent guide.
oamal2001Author Commented:

Is their any questions I need to ask the customer regarding configuration, if there is a basic default configuration I will appreciate it because I do not have much time.
Thanks and Regards,
oamal2001Author Commented:
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