Yii, gii (giix) - generate all models at once?

Hi Experts :)

I am trying to build an Yii application. I have many tables in the database. Is there an easy way to generate all the modules for all the tables at once? Or do I have to make them one at a time?

Of course I am talking about the gii or giix module :)

Best regards,
Terrible Monster
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weaverkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
where it says model name, instead of typing name of table, just put a *
it should make all models, but for the crud, i think you have do each separately
potwornyAuthor Commented:
Yay! You are right! THANK YOU :D
tobi taiwoCommented:
please can you write a short tutorial on how to override the method in the base models expecially the rule()
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