powershell script to connect standalone or cluster SQL

Posted on 2013-01-22
Last Modified: 2013-01-23

How can I use this script for connect to standalone or cluster SQL :
$list_inst = (get-service -Name "MSSQL*" -exclude "*Launcher*" | Where-Object {$_.status -eq "Running"})

foreach($inst in $list_inst) {
	$inst_name = $"MSSQL$","")
	$cluster=get-wmiobject -class "MSCluster_Cluster" -namespace "root\mscluster" -computername "$mach_name" -ErrorAction Stop | select -ExpandProperty Name    
	catch [Exception]
    	echo "$cluster" | out-file $LOG_FILE -ErrorVariable ERR1 -encoding "default" -append -ErrorAction silentlycontinue 
	function GetClusterSQL
    	gwmi -class "MSCluster_Resource" -namespace "root\mscluster" -computername $cluster  | where {$_.type -eq "SQL Server"} | Select `
    	@{n='ServerInstance';e={("{0}\{1}" -f $_.PrivateProperties.VirtualServerName,$_.PrivateProperties.InstanceName).TrimEnd('\')}} | 
    	Select -ExpandProperty ServerInstance
	if($cluster -ne $null) {
	$list_vsql = GetClusterSQL $cluster
	if($cluster -eq $null) {
		$ser_name = (Get-WmiObject Win32_Computersystem).Name

	if($inst_name -eq "MSSQLSERVER") {
		$server = $ser_name
	if($cluster -ne $null) {
	foreach($vsql in $list_vsql) {
		$server = $vsql
		[string] $ser_name =  $server.split("\")[0]
	$server = $ser_name + '\'+$inst_name
	function IsMSSQLUp([string] $server)
		trap { 
			write-host "Message: " $_.Exception.Message ; 
			return $false ; 
		} ;

		$Connection = New-Object System.Data.SQLClient.SQLConnection
		$Connection.ConnectionString = "server=$server;Database=master;trusted_connection=true;"
		return $true;

	$IsMSSQLUp = IsMSSQLUp([string] $server)

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