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Outlook contact data entry screen

It will not scroll, either by wheel or slider (which doesn't show up).  It works in all other programs and other parts of Outlook.
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First thing First.
Make sure you have the latest Service Pack Installed For Outlook
You dont mention what version your on, but the latest SP should be:
Office 2003 = SP3
Office 2007 = SP3
Office 2010 = SP1


Have you got a screen shot?

Is this a custom contact form? or is this the default contact form in outlook.

If its the default form, its likley related to your specific profile

Try opening outlook using

Start>Run>Outlook.exe /cleanprofile

This will clean, remove, and recreate any missing or corrupt Outlook Reg Settings

If that doesnt work

Open outlook in safe mode

Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

Try it here

If it work here, its likely there is some 3rd party app or add in causing the issue
we can then look at disabling it if required
rayajordanAuthor Commented:
The outlook.exe /cleanprofile produces windows explorer.  The outlook.exe /safemode says the switch is invalid.  This is Office 10.
rayajordanAuthor Commented:
Installing 350 MB updates.  I sent a screenshot.
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The outlook.exe /safemode says the switch is invalid


Outlook.exe /safe

Note there is a space between outlook.exe and /safe

Same with /cleanprofile

Try them again
rayajordanAuthor Commented:
These are not valid switches in Office14.  I went to the dos directory and did outlook.exe /? and there were no available switches.  I have updated all of the computer, so what you have told me so far is totally bogus.
rayajordanAuthor Commented:
I cannot scroll the reading pane either.
These switches will work in Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010
I can asure you they are not Bogus


DOS only provides help for DOS Commands, so your certainly not going to see a help screen for Outlook in DOS

I dont mind helping but if your going to be insulting, Id just assume help someone else.

rayajordanAuthor Commented:
Please excuse my frustration but it just doesn't work.

cleanprofile is not listed on the web page you gave me.

safe brings up Outlook, but I still can't scroll.

Again, I apologize.

In outlook, if you right click on Contacts
Select Properties
Can you tell me what the line says on

When Posting to this Folder Use: ___________

Could you also open a contact, take a screen shot
(Editing out any personl info)

Then indicate the Date Entry Scroll option your trying to use

I take it this issue is on all contacts current and New...
rayajordanAuthor Commented:
Which Contacts button?  On the left side? Right click does not produce a properties option.
With Outlook Open
You should see a Navigation pane on the left ( The Mailbox Folder Structure)
IN here you should see a folder called contacts

If you dont you can press and hold CTRL + 6 on your keyboard
It will expand all the folder on the left hand side of Outlook

Place the arrow on Contacts
Then Right CLick, and you should get an Properties option
rayajordanAuthor Commented:
All I get is "open in new window" and "navigation options".
Navigation Options?

is this a Home PC or a Business PC

If this is your PC at a business or organization
Starting to wonder if, your network administrator has locked down

Also starting to wonder what version of outlook or email client is actaully being used

Can you go to File>Help

Under Prodcut activated, Post what it says

Under About Microsoft Outlook
Post the Version Number

Could you also do a screen shot of your outlook window
(Edit out any Personal Details)
rayajordanAuthor Commented:
You get the version numbers on file tab-Help.
Mine is, the latest service pack.
Now, why can I not scroll the contact data entry screen.
Here is what the screen looks like. Notice no scroll bar on right.
Also scroll on mouse wheel does not work.
I can scroll everywhere else in Office 2010.
14.0.6129.5000 is a HotFix Package released Oct 30 2012

Do you remeber if this worked fine before this HotFix package was installed?

If it did, i might consider uninstalling the Update and seeing if the functionality is returned

Once the Hotfix is uninstalled, make sure that SP1 is installed

Download the SP and run the update.
If there are items to be fixed it will run, otherwise you might get a message no products found....
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