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By the start of May 2013 I have a Datatechnician education. For that I need to develop a project(which i decide myself) as my final exam. The Exam includes the following:

- A presentation of the project.
- A well documented report(a very very well documented report)

But.. I don't know what I should develop. I have thought of a Ticket system which is used by large enterprise companies to control the inquries from the customers.

I will use a an IT-consulatant company as the company who will use this ticket system.

In that way I can create more-comprehensive features such as automatic employee bookings, Exchange integration(Appointments and task) etc.

My favorite language is defently C#. I have a minor expertise in Java(Only did a couple of applications with 3-4000 lines of codes).

The project itself consists of a Windows Service and a Web solution.

What should I develop this project In? Microsoft Silverlight? Should I go with Javascript/HTML and ASP.NET? Or maybe an Open Source framework like GWT or something else?

The website does not have to be Mobile compatible(IOS and Android).

Or a third language?

Or maybe another project?

Please help me out because  I am really stuck.

Any suggestions to projects or frameworks would be appreciated.
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Michael FowlerConnect With a Mentor Solutions ConsultantCommented:
I would personally use ASP.Net with HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Some points to consider based on my own studies

Start with basic functionality only, get this working and then start adding the bells and whistles

Make sure all your HTML/CSS validates against the W3 standards.

Stick with C# as this is the language you are most familiar with. No need to make it any more difficult.

Use client-side validation with Javascript as well as server side validation of user inputs

Test your site against several different browsers eg

Comment. Comment. Comment. Better too much rather than too little

Try and implement OO design such as MVP

Think carefully about the design of your webpages and the site as whole. Use a consistent look and feel across the pages and consider site navigation.

If you want to change projects you could look at a creating a Business to Consumer website for a fictional line of products with a database of products and webpages build at runtime based on the entries in the database. Think Amazon. You could also include admin pages for checking and changes orders. A web service could then be provided for resellers and/or agents.

If you have issues with very specific issues ask for help here. If state it is for an assignment and then ask assistence with a very specific issue then people will be happy to point you in the right direction.

databoksAuthor Commented:
Thank you Michael.

You're answer is very helpfull.

I also think it will be better with ASP.NET and C# with HTML/CSS/Javascript.

I want to make a nice and look UI but I can't really seem to find any good framework besides GWT.

Can you recommend some? Also what do you think about my project? Do you think it is a big project? or maybe too big?
Michael FowlerSolutions ConsultantCommented:
I have never used any UI frameworks and so I cannot help there but here are some tools you could look at

As for the size of your project, this depends on the number of features you chose to add. As I suggested earlier, plan your project in stages. Start with very basic functionality and a series of iterations where you add additional functionality. This way you you will have a fully functioning output at the end of each iteration and you can release the version you have completed once your deadline approaches.

Michael FowlerSolutions ConsultantCommented:
Comprehensive answer provided
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