Google Apps conflicting accounts

I am switch a client over to Google Apps rather than  He is accessing some apps like YouTube through Gmail with his email containing his domain so Google apps is not letting me set up the same email address.

What would my next step be?


PS  I'm not really sure which topic to post this to.
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Kailash AgheraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you receiving any message while adding domain in Google Apps or while sining up for Google apps service?

Fyi, google apps in no longer available for free.

- Kailash
MagsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Yes, through only, there are no emails through Gmail.

Yes, I know it is no longer free, bummer, but it is a great service.

MagsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Okay...I'm him all set up.

Thanks for commenting.
MagsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Finished on my own...thanks
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