Cisco POE Switch

Hi , I want to use above AP , needs to know which is bets affordable cisco switch (model) to support above switch on POE .

Perhaps I would required to terminate upto 8 AP's per switch .

requires Cisco switch which can take provide power to above AP . Also preferbaley if uplink can be sfp's .
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Craig BeckCommented:
You're installing an enterprise-class wireless network.  The 3602 are Cisco's top-line.
Use something like a 2960S-24LPD-L

Have a look at this...

If you want to go with the cheaper Cisco switches you should consider the 300 series, specifically the SRW2008MP-K9-NA.

Be careful if you go with a small switch though.  The SRW2008P-K9-NA is PoE capable but only on 4 ports, yet the SRW2008MP-K9-NA is capable of PoE on all 8 gigabit ports.

You will also need a controller with the 3602 APs.  Depending on the amount of APs you want you can typically use a 2504 or a 5508.  The 2504 is great for up-to 50 APs, yet the 5508 will allow you to connect up-to 500 APs to a single controller.
I would suggest the Cisco 300 series managed switches, either the SF302-08MP or SG300-08MP. Both provide 8 PoE ports with an additional 2 combo mini GBIC ports (2 x Gigabit copper or SFP).
The difference is the SF model PoE ports are fast ethernet while the SG's are gigabit.
Note that there is a non M version which is cheaper but only provides half the PoE power. The M version is able to provide the full 15.4W to all 8 ports.
annasadAuthor Commented:
well , I am going to hock aironet 3602E which is a gigabit eathernet ,

why to connect gig AP in 100 mbps switch to create bottle neck .

Also whats the difference with SF and SG300 switches  ?
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annasadAuthor Commented:
Also whats is the recomended length for POE switches from AP .

its a plan for warhouse managed system in which Switch can be placed around 300 to 400 meters away . would that be flexible to use above distance .

and whats the difference between Cisco Cisco SD208P 8-port 10/100 Switch -  Switch and above mentioned switches
annasadAuthor Commented:
Also for power requirements for Aironet 3602e is

a. The access point is 802.3af (15.4 W) compliant and can be powered by any of the following 802.3af compliant devices:

–2106 controller

–WS-C3550, WS-C3560, and WS-C3750 switches

–C1880 switch

–2600, 2610, 2611, 2621, 2650, and 2651 multiservice platforms

–2610XM, 2611XM, 2621XM, 2650XM, 2651XM, and 2691 multiservice platforms

–2811, 2821, and 2851 integrated services routers

–3620, 3631-telco, 3640, and 3660 multiservice platforms

–3725 and 3745 multiservice access routers

–3825 and 3845 integrated services routers
Sandeep GuptaConsultantCommented:
As per your above requirement
 go ahead and use Cisco 3845
annasadAuthor Commented:
I need a now end product , 3845 is way expensive . Also it does not have built in ports for POE
Sandeep GuptaConsultantCommented:
you can use HWIC-4ESW-POE card..also check C2621
If the APs are gigabit then, yes, you'll need a gigabit port switch.
The SF is fast ethernet and SG gigabit, so if you go for 300 series, you will want the SG model.

PoE is delivered over shielded or unshielded ethernet cable, so the maximum distance for an AP from the switch will be 100m. For 300m to 400m runs to the switch you will need to use fibre.

The SD208P 8-port 10/100 Switch is an unmanaged, RJ45 fast ethernet only, PoE power limited to 34W total on ports 1 to 4 only. This doesn't meet your requirements.

It's not clear in the original question whether you also need wireless LAN controller functionality as well.
annasadAuthor Commented:
correct craig , above meodel makes sense to me .  2960S-24LPD-L

and i am using 5508 WLC with 250 License which is costing me around 32,000 $ , quite expensive .

I was wondering that if we have any switch with 8 poe ports and no non POE switch  ??? as above model has all POE ports in it . and also this cost me around 3000 $ . Also my requirment does not very exceed more than 8 at any point where i need switch .
annasadAuthor Commented:
precise and accurate answer for current need
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