backup restore options for wss 3.0 on windows server 2003

hey there,

I've inherited a sharepoint site and am very novice about administering it.  Until last week, it was backing up via carbonite offsite but now we switched to Mozy pro and it's failing.

I'm getting vss sql writer errors in vss admin that's why that's occuring i'm guessing.

I tried doing a full farm backup in wss 3.0 console and that fails without backing up.

I'm also interested in using stsadm.exe to do site collection backups if possible. (I need to know what url to use for this and where and default directory is for this?

Once I have a good backup  then i'd like to use a script invoked by windows secheduled tasks to do a full and then differential backups on a two week schedule.

I have pretty limited space on the drives and the full farm is 18GB.  

Please help!  

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Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
This is a great book on the subject.

What you go with depends on what your goals are as far as recovery.  Do you wish to provide very granular recovery, down to the document?  Or do you only want to protect from disasters, meaning you'll only ever need to restore an entire web app or farm?

If granular is your goal, a third party product like Idera, Quest, or MetaVis is probably your best bet.

If you want more of a disaster recovery, then the OOB backup in SharePoint or the OOB backup tools in SQL will work.  The problem with the SharePoint tools is there is no way to schedule them, without scripting.  So I tend to lean on SQL tools to backup all the databases.  As long as the databases are backed up, you could get your content back.

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metalfubarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your post here.  I'll probably try the sq backup first see how it goes as they really only need disaster recovery.

So having said that, do I need to fix my vss sql writers to use this?  Is this accomplished in sql 5 or studio?  Ability to do full and diffs backups?


Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
The tools I'm speaking of are part of SQL Manager, the tool that comes with SQL Server.  Yes you can do full and diff backups.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
Ok.  Here's a snapshot of the manager below...

do I need to backup all of these individually including content?

Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Yeah you should grab them all.  The WSS ones are where your actual site content resides.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
thanks i'm getting an error while backup up on onedb error 845.  It may just be i/o busy?

the other is showing up as suspect and not allowed to be backed up.

do i need the system databases at all (master, model, msdb, tempdb)?

Other than that, i'm good to go, thx.
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
SharePoint doesn't need those system databases, but most people back up at least the first three.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
thx much and take care.
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