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Good day everyone. We are currently using SharePoint Foundation 2010 for testing purposes internally. We are looking at deploying SharePoint for internal and external users. I have a few questions:

1) Can you deploy SharePoint Foundation for external use in production environment?
   a) If so, what licensing would need to be purchased, cost?

2) If not, what version do we need to use and what would be the cost for that?

We are looking at approximately 60 users. SharePoint Foundation is currently running a Hyper-V VM running Windows 2008 R2.
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
here are the license options:

There is not mentioned that you have to license "Windows External Connector" because Foundation is based on the WIndows licenses and to allow external access the external connector must be licensed.

Mohit NairSenior AssociateCommented:
You would face licensing cost only for Microsoft Windows server that hosts SharePoint foundation 2010.
SharePoint foundation is a free product and can be downloaded at no cost. No license required.

Plan your product correctly. Check this for more clear picture.
mig1980Author Commented:
I have a Windows Server license already. So if I use Foundation, I can use this for production environment and external-facing? I will be using Active Directory to authenticate users.

Also, would I need a CAL license on the Windows Server License (as is the case with Terminal Services) per user accessing the SharePoint site if using Foundation or no?

I was under the impression it was only for development purposes and could not be used in production.
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

Mohit NairSenior AssociateCommented:
You can use foundation for production and external facing. Foundation is not for development purposes rather it is for small organisations having limited scope and limited number of users.

It doesnt have much features as compared to SharePoint server 2010. So most big organisation never prefer foundation.
mig1980Author Commented:
Would I need a CAL license on the Windows Server (as is the case with Terminal Services) per user accessing the SharePoint site if using Foundation or no?
Mohit NairSenior AssociateCommented:
Nope. No CAL license required for SharePoint Site if foundation is used.
mig1980Author Commented:
Would you mind pointing me to a place where I can see the differences between Foundation, Standard, and Enterprise?
Comparison is here:

Don't give me points for this, Mohitnair has helped you with everything else :)
mig1980Author Commented:
I just find it hard to believe that no CAL licenses are needed for SharePoint Foundation. The wording on the links states that "SharePoint 2010 Foundation is still free, but you do need proper licenses for Windows servers, SQL servers, and Internet connection if needed."

Are they only referring to the single license for MS 2008 Server, MS SQL (could I use SQL  Server Express?) and nothing else? So I can have 1000 users connecting to a internet-facing SharePoint Site and need no other licenses?
Yes they are referring only to server/sql/etc.

The sharepoint foundation solution has limited usefulness though. So those 1000 users will just have access to lists and forms.
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