Recover Missing Messages from OST?

I have a handful of workstations configured to access Exchange 2003 in cached mode, so the mailboxes are cached locally in OST files.

The Exchange server crashed and for one reason or another, I have to restore back to a September backup.  User details and mailboxes have not changed since then... just more messages/contacts/appointments.

If I recover to the September backup and then open Outlook on a workstation, will the OST resync to Exchange and effectively "restore" the messages from September to current?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
In theory it should back fill.
However as a fail safe, do an export to PST through Outlook before bringing the server online. Then if you find it doesn't back fill correctly you can replace with content from the PST file.

OllarConsultingAuthor Commented:
It actually didn't back fill, but first exporting to pst was a great suggestion.  That allows me to import the missing items....
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