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System databases Vs User created databases


I am using following query to get the list of db

select * from sys.databases (or select * from sysdatabases)

My question is how can we know that which db is system database and which one is user created?

Karan Gupta
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Barry Cunney
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-- User Databases
Select *
From sys.databases
Where database_id > 5

--System Databases
Select *
From sys.databases
Where database_id <= 5
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is 1-4 id fixed for system dbs in all versions of sql server. What is the role of sid field
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SID is a system-level identification number.

when an object is created it is assigned an id - SID, that number identifies the object as a securable within SQL Server and then the object is deleted, the id is recycled.
you can also use

SELECT * FROM sys.databases
WHERE owner_sid != 1

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so what is good practice using sid to identify db or using id what BCUNNEY has suggested
either one will work
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I think it would be fair to split the points with BCUNNEY