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Dear experts,

I am seeking some advice on fibre optic broadband. Nothing technical just opinion.

At the moment I am using normal broadband but considering upgrading to fibre. I have spoken to two different ISPs and both confirmed that fibre broadband has to run from the MASTER telephone socket, not just an extension socket.

My concern is that the MASTER socket is nowhere near where my computer. Although they can run a cable from the Master socket to where I want (up to 30m) but I am reluctant to have cables across rooms (my OCD!!!) so only alternative is to go wireless.

My question is, will going wireless seriously deteriorate performance? I mean if my PC is wired to router you get 1Gb connection but to go wireless you probably get less than 100mb? is that correct? Obviously it depends on distance between PC and router but I believe a range extender will help too?

Thanks in advance for your opinion.
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Yes, range could definately play a part in your wireless speed. Depending on the building your in and the amount of steel, delecftion and other interference from appliances, you could have signal degredation.

A wired connection is always best. You might also consider a UHF wireless connection that some companies offer, butit might be expensive in your situation.
Assuming you are ony using your computer to connect to the Internet then a Wireless connection in your home running at the same speed (or more) than your Broadband connection is the only consideration you need to worry about.

A home fibre based broadband connection normally has an absolute maximum of 300Mbps depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and country of residence.

In most cases the the maximum download speed offered is 100Mbps (with the upload speed normally a fraction of that again depending on your ISP).

The majority of modern WiFi (Wireless LAN) routers for the home user now offer speeds of up to 300Mbps so these adequately match (and even exceed) your actual Internet connection.

Thus, having a wireless network in your home, properly secured, will offer and provide you with the same speed for Internet use as a wired connection, but with considerably less cable clutter and more flexibility in terms of where you place your computer.

However, if you also have a "home server" that you use for storing personal data on, that is seperate from your "computer" then a wireless connection to the server will be slower than a wired connection.

Bottom-line, based on your question a wireless network with a fibre broadband connection should provide you with a much improved Internet experience than what you currently have with a wired and "copper" (telephone line) broadband connection.
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