Move .NET site from one server to another

I have a hosting company that will only export my .net site as files and the backup of the database.  I imported the database fine on the new server and created the site in iis.  I changed my hosts file to point the dot com to the local computer so I could see all error messages.

I get moduleName not found while looking for TypeID...

I don't know how to get the modules installed in the site in iis from the working server. I don't have direct access to the old 2003 .net server. I only the web gui that the hosting company allows to manually backup all the files and export the database.

How do I import the modules or even can I?
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Nuno AlvesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try .net 2.0, could be in this version
Nuno AlvesCommented:
have you the correct .net version configurated in the new server?
jasonsloganAuthor Commented:
Yes. It is a newer version that what the original was create on. Should that matter?
Nuno AlvesCommented:

In IIS, on the website configuration, you should choose the correct .net version, the .net version that the website was build.

jasonsloganAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I have no information on this site. The original developer is gone.

I've tried Default, .net 4 and .net 4 classic. They all yield the same result of the error on the webpage described above.
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