Exchange / Outlook SSL problem with uncontrolled Domain

Here's a great one.

Upgraded client from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.

Purchased and installed UCC SSL Certificate from GoDaddy.  Included external and internal server names on SSL Certificate.

SSL via Web works perfectly.  Internally, users are getting errors in Outlook that the certificate doesn't match the server name.  Turns out that's true.  The internal Active Directory domain is which is a variation on the company name and a variation on their actual internet domain  Unfortunately, they don't own and therefore have no authority to approve an SSL request that includes that name.

Any ideas?

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Chris HConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure ManagerCommented:
Just create an interal zone in DNS for the external name and then point a host record to your internal mail server:
NEMCAuthor Commented:
I'll read through this and see if I can make it work.  Thanks!
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