Upgrade WatchGuard firmware without Live Security subscription

I have an older WatchGuard X 5 Wireless appliance.  The live security subscription is long expired.  I'm thinking about using it at home to replace my (recently failed...) wireless router.  Is there a way to upgrade the firmware without renewing the Live Security subscription in it?
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Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
I called a rep I know that handles them and he said since that is considered a legacy product that is EoL there is no way without directly contacting Watchguard. There are no upgrades available for purchase but they may give you the latest firmware that was available if you let them know you are using it for a lab device.
That is an old enough product that the firmware versions of the last several years will not run on that device. They stopped selling them in 2006 and stopped support in 2009.

The replacement is an XTM 2 series. They run $500 or so and are well worth it as a replacement. Or you can just live with the firmware as is.
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