Cisco 3750 and Cisco WAP200E, No power/Faulty

I acquired a 3750 48-PS-S with PoE.  It replaced a 24-port SG300-28P (I ran out of ports).  Devices that are receiving power from the switch are:
2 x Cisco SPA525G2
3 x Cisco SPA501G
2 x Cisco VC240 IP Cameras
1 x iQInvision 32M IP Camera (Mounted in warehouse high in the rafters)
1 x WAP200
1 x WAP200E (Mounted in warehouse high in the rafters)
When I plug the WAP200E into the 3750, I was getting the error:
"Controller port error, Interface Fa1/0/XX: Power Controller reports power Tstart error detected"
I would only get the error on the WAP200E.  All other devices (except the iQInvision camera, more on that later)  power on and function just fine.  WAP200E specs state that it should only draw 8.5 watts.  When I 'sh power inline', the WAP200E was only using like 7.5 watts and the other devices on the entire switch are only using 74 of the 370 watts available.  I have tried other ports on the switch with the same results.  I don't have the rackspace to put the SG300 back in service and trunk to it just for a WAP200E but tested it again connected to the SG300 and it powers and functions just fine on the SG300.
There is also something else in the message about the "lmax/tstart" error.  After doing some research on the web, supposedly IOS 12.2.55 SE3 or 12.2.58 SE1 will get rid of the error.  The switch is currently running 12.2.55 SE5.  I have not found these versions to download, only 12.2.55 SE1 or SE6.  I have tried 12.2.55 SE6 IP Services and now the problem has gotten worse.  When I plug the WAP200E into the 3750, the port light flashes just ever so briefly and then the Oper of the port shows Faulty when i issue a 'sh power inline'.  

has-switch#sh power inline fa1/0/40
Interface Admin  Oper       Power   Device              Class Max
--------- ------ ---------- ------- ------------------- ----- ----
Fa1/0/40  auto   faulty     0.0     n/a                 n/a   15.4

Interface  AdminPowerMax   AdminConsumption
             (Watts)           (Watts)
---------- --------------- --------------------

Fa1/0/40              15.4                 15.4

I had already upgraded the firmware on the WAP200E to WAP200E-FW- when it was still connected to the SG300-28P.
I see if I had a 3750X Series, I could issue the interface command 'power inline 2x' and that was supposed to get rid of the error but I am only on a 3750 Series.

I read another thread on here about a WAP200/3560 with a similar issue and BPDU packets, tried disabling that with the 'no spanning-tree bpduguard' and still the same.  The config for the port looks like:

has-switch#sh run int fa1/0/40
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 181 bytes
interface FastEthernet1/0/40
 description WAP200E
 switchport access vlan 172
 switchport mode access

I have a WAP200 and it is working fine.  I had to setup the VLAN/SSID mapping to replace the 200E but had to enable DHCP on my ASA5505 firewall VLAN since the WAP200 is in the DMZ for customers.  The WAP200E is on my DATA VLAN behind the ASA5505.  It is located in the rafters of my warehouse and covers the entire building.  The WAP200 is in the office and has very limited coverage and really don't like using DHCP on my firewall.

The only other thing I can think of is that the warehouse is out-of-spec for temperature right now.  Since changing over to the 3750, it has only been about 10 degrees F but the WAP200E specs show -4 to 140 F.  I only am concerned with this since the IQInvision camera is not functioning either but it powers on, stays powered on but will not show up on the network.  If I ping its address, it will show in the arp cache for a while but its MAC shows INCOMPLETE.  I was told by someone to put them where there is enough heat to test but that defeats the purpose of the 200E compared to the 200 and I cannot access either without the help of someone else to drive a forklift.

It is supposed to be 40 degrees on Sunday so maybe both will start to function.  If not, is there anything anyone can add here?

I have tried some of the different 'power inline' commands but still the same.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated.
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tv19642001Author Commented:
OK, got the WAP200E down yesterday.  Plugged it directly into the switch imediately and nothing happened, no power, nottta.  I tried a Cat6 patch cord since I had been using Cat5e.  Still nothing.  Left it sit.  After about an hour when it had a chance to warm up, I tried it again and it powered right on and worked but I had to go home for the night.  Had a meeting this morning and just got back so I tried it again directly on the switch and it worked again.  I then re-installed it again in the rafters and it powered on just fine.  So, we will see how it will do tonight since it only go to like 15 degrees today and is supposed to be -8 tonight but then back into the 30-40 for awhile.  Hmmm.  kind of acts like my dog in this type of weather.
TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
You could try experimenting with enabling/disabling CDP and/or LLDP on the port.
I assume you use a straight cable between the AP and the switch?
Did you take down the AP from the mount and connect it directly to the 3750 for testing?

Check out this thread.

The error message means that there is some power being reflected back, and instead of damaging the components in the switch, the power is disabled. This could be caused by a short in the cable, the end device somehow looping the voltage back, port damage or bug causing false diagnostic failures.
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tv19642001Author Commented:

I think you're right.  I will test the cable tomorrow.  The only thing that doesn't make sense is that it works fine on the SG300-28P, same patch cable, same cable run, etc.  I just removed the SG300 from the rack and replaced it with the 3750.  Is the 3750 a little more delicate with its ports?  

I VPN'd into tonight and tried all sorts of things.  The only thing I could get it to do was if I issued the 'power inline auto max xxxx' with anything less than the default, the switch would actually deny power instead of showing the port as faulty.

Could be the mode the switches picked.

or maybe a bad cable end that was good until you disconnected it from the old switch.

but the 3750 being more sensitive could also be a factor. Lots of possible reasons.
TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
The Catalyst boxes support all kinds of non-standard legacy PoE modes, so they might be more sensitive than the SG300.
Any chance of removing the AP and hooking it up directly to the switch?
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